Phuc Dat Bich Was a Hoax

Come on now, admit it. The reason you are here right now is because you have seen the viral passport photo of Phuc Dat Bich.  That's right, Phuc Dat Bich, the Australian man or Vietnamese decent with perhaps a very unfortunate name when said in English. If you haven't worked ... Read More

Do Elephants Stand After Death?

Question. Do elephants stand after death? This is a topic that got my attention after I saw it pop up on an app that I have installed on my phone. At first I thought that it would probably be false, but it was still worth looking into as there could be ... Read More

Earlobes And Nipples Do Not Line Up

So I was looking through an app on my phone recently about "interesting facts", which turned out to be factoids, and one of the factoids was that your earlobes line up with your nipples. Now, as you can imagine the first thing I tried to do was look down, and then to ... Read More

Was JFK The Fastest Random Speaker?

Was JFK one of the fastest random speaker that many people could have ever come across? While Eminem holds the Guinness world record for most words in a hit song, which means that he spat them out rather quickly, the main difference between the two is preparedness. Rap God, written by Eminem ... Read More

Bald Eagles Do Not Mate While Flying

Have you ever come across the myth that  bald eagles mate while flying? It goes several ways. One way is that they free-fall, legs entwines with each other as they plummet towards the earth, managing to end their copulation either quite effectively and with plenty of time to spare, or just in ... Read More