Saint Nicholas Is The Patron Saint of Prostitutes

We Are Still In An Ice Age
The Gospel of Eve Promoted Free Sex


We are well aware of the fact that Saint Nicholas is embodied as the modern day Santa Claus because of his reputation to give secret gifts. It was this gift giving that lead Saint Nicholas to become the most odd of patron saints. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of prostitutes. Along with this patronage, he is also the patron saint of many other groups including sailors, merchants, archers, thieves, children, pawnbrokers and students. Now you are probably wondering how Saint Nicholas became the patron saint of prostitutes.
It all began with a man in Patara. The man had lost all of his money, and to make matters worse, he had three daughters to support. The difficulty came about due to not being able to raise a dowry. As was the case in those times, if a dowry was not able to be made, the woman would never marry and spend her life as a prostitute.
Enter Saint Nicholas. When he heard of the families plight he headed, under the cover of darkness, for the man’s house. Once there he threw a purse full of gold coins through the open window. It was the dowry for the eldest girl. He would continue to do the same for the second and third girls. On the third trip, the father was in waiting and caught his benefactor in the act. The man was overwhelmed with gratitude for saving his daughters.
So this is the reason Saint Nicholas Is The Patron Saint of Prostitutes. Not because he was a deviant, but because he saved three girls from prostitution.


We Are Still In An Ice Age
The Gospel of Eve Promoted Free Sex

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