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Tue. Oct 15th, 2019

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10 Amazing Dream Facts You Won’t Believe

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3 Some Dreams Are In Black And White

Some Dreams Are In Black And White

We’ve all seen the old movies that have been shot in black and white. While the stories are great enough to capture the audience, we had to use our imagination to fill in the color scheme. As a kid watching the old movies, I hated it. So could you imagine only being able to dream in black and white?

Some people are only able to dream in black and white. This is despite being surrounded by a colorful world.

In a study it was found that people who were exposed to only black and white television as children experienced black and white dreams about 25 percent of the time. Black and white dreams have also been linked to some neurological conditions.

4 Some Common Feelings When Dreaming

Common Feelings When Dreaming

When you have a dream what do you feel? Is it happiness, sadness or anger? Apart from wet dreams and the other fun ones, the most common feeling during a dream is one of anxiety.

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