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Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

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12 Seriously Cool Penis Facts That Will Make You Look at Them Differently

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When it comes to the piece of meat dangling between mens legs, there doesn’t seem to be all that much that you need to know about it. Most men seem to only be able to think with it, and it really does also seem to drive just about everything that men do. But reality aside, the dong is a pretty amazing thing, and there are a lot of penis facts that are very interesting. So why not take a comfortable position and read through our cool penis facts that will definitely make you look at them differently. We hope that it’s not too hard to read.

1 An Average Man Has 90 Minutes Of Erections During Sleep

morning wood

There’s nothing like a hard on, unless you are a teenager who get them at the most inappropriate times. They make your wily look bigger, enable sex, and are pretty fun to play with. But did you know that you can also get erections during your sleep?

If you’re a man you’ve probably woken with a bit of an erection. But do you know why? It’s actually the left overs from the nights sleep and is called Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT). In an average night of sleep a man will have around 90 minutes of erections, which is around 20% of the time sleeping!

Here’s one of the more interesting features of NPT. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, making them practically useless in bed, can use this to help determine the cause of the inability to get it up. A small paper tape is placed around the penis when the patient goes to sleep. If it is broken in the morning it shows that the man is able to get an erection, so the cause must be psychological, such as anxiety. If it is intact then there is a the chance that the problem is caused by a physical disability. An elastic band with electronic sensors can also be used and will provide more information on how the penis is behaving during the night.


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