12 Seriously Cool Penis Facts That Will Make You Look at Them Differently

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7 Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally By Losing Weight

make penis biggerWere you aware that there’s a non surgical way to make your penis bigger? Not only does this method avoid going under the surgeons blade, but it also has many other health benefits. So what’s the secret formula that most men want to know? Quite simply, you can make your penis bigger by losing weight. So how does this work?

Well, nothing actually gets bigger, lets clear that one up first of all. It’s a bit like a magician. You will be performing an illusion. Your penis doesn’t actually get bigger, but it appears that way. We will try our best to explain.

Around your groin area are bones, flesh and of course there is also a little fat. As you gain weight the fat builds up and conceals more and more of your penis inside your body. For a perfect example, imagine a house inside a yard. It’s standing there tall, erect and proud. But there’s only one problem. Due to an overgrown lawn, with grass five foot high, the house doesn’t look that tall at all. If you mow the lawn you will be able to see more of the house, and hence it will appear to be taller. The same principle applies to a willy. Lose weight and more of it will show. But how much more?

Here’s the surprising news for men who want to make their penis bigger without surgery. Approximately 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) is gained in penis length for every 7 kilograms (15 pounds) lost in body weight. No only does the willy appear to get bigger, but you will also be much healthier in the process.
Before rounding this fact out I thought it would be interesting to end it on a funny anecdote. What many people may not know is that webmasters have the ability to see what people search for when they land on their page. It’s mostly used as a tool for SEO, but sometimes there can be a funny side effect. This is what happened with this post which prompted me to come back and add it to the fact. I was looking one day at the stats and noticed a rather odd search term. Lets just say that it encouraged a huge amount of laughter. Someone had searched for “how to make my penis look unreal,” and landed on this page. Once the laughter had died down I decided to add it to this fact, as a funny side note. But if you are wondering how to make it look unreal, just leave it alone. I’m sure that no one is really interested in how it looks.


But no matter how big your dick is, the US government doesn’t give a shit about it, and considers it worthless.

8 The US Department Of Veterans Affairs Doesn’t List The Penis As An Appendage For Compensation


During times of conflict injuries to soldiers are often a regrettable side effect of battles. When a US soldier is wounded, depending on the extent of the injuries, they are sometimes compensated. For example when a soldier loses a hand, eye, thumb or foot, the injured soldier will receive $50,000 compensation for their injuries. So what happens if the solder sustains an injury to their genitals? The sad answer is nothing. The Department of Veterans Affairs does not recognise the penis as an appendage to be compensated for. For most men this would appear to be unfair and unjust.

The war in Afghanistan has presented the US Department of Veterans Affairs with a new challenge. The war has seen a marked increase in genital injuries, the majority of which are from improvised explosive devices. Regrettably for the soldiers the injury affects they will not be compensated one cent for their loss, a loss that would present both physical and psychological challenges to most men.

There has been recent progress in the development for protective cups to prevent such injuries from occurring in the future. The  army and Marine Corps have also begun to use protective boxers for their soldiers.


Which now brings us onto a loss of a different kind.

9 70% Of The Worlds Males Are Uncircumcised

circumcise percent worldwide

Difficult and touchy subject that many new families around the world face every day. Circumcision. You know, the removal of the foreskin from the penis. Yes, it’s probably as painful as it sounds, and in recent years debate has raged about it’s need.

Circumcision is an ancient religious practice that has, over time, become fashionable and a use for disease control. But it might surprise you to know that only 30% of males around the world are actually circumcised. Many countries lack the facilities and skills to carry out the simple procedure (when compared to complex medical surgeries). And with medical professionals now debating whether or not circumcision is effective in controlling the spread of sexually transmitted infections, and the ethical question of removing a section of skin, the numbers may be dropping.

It is clear that in the western world, apart from being for cultural or religious reasons, the numbers of circumcisions are dropping due to circumcision being viewed as an unnecessary mutilation. In the US the number of males circumcised is around 55%.

It may also surprise you to find out that the foreskins are not just disposed of. Doctors use the foreskins for skin grafts. One foreskin can cover up to 836 square metres (9000 square feet) of new skin. This comes in extremely useful for use in burns victims. So while the the practice may be waning, and it may be seen as cruel and unnecessary, at least it does provide some medical benefit to others whose life may depend on it,


10 A Man’s Brain And Spinal Cord Control His Penis


It is often said a man only thinks with his penis, but it is actually the other way around. When a man gets an erection it begins in the brain. The brain sends chemical signals to the spinal cord to relax the blood vessels and allow them to engorge. But it’s what happens during the final stages that are really surprising.

Once the penis has been ‘excited’ enough, the spinal cord then sends a signal to the brain. The brain then sends a chemical message back to the spinal cord for the penis and the vas deferens (the tubes that hold the semen) to ejaculate. The process of ejaculation has two phases, and the second does away with the brain.

The first phase gets the vas deferens to contract and send sperm to the back of the urethra. Seminal vessels also release fluid into the back of the urethra, which then triggers the second and final stage. This stage only communicates with the spinal cord.

When the posterior urethra detects seminal fluid it sends a signal to the spinal cord, which then sends a message back to the penis to contract every 0.8 seconds, which causes an ejaculation.

Without the brain and spinal cord the whole process of an erection and ejaculation would never occur.


11 Gay Men Have Bigger Penises

do gay men have bigger penises

Well this explains a lot, in one area at least, but raises questions elsewhere. According to a study of 5,122 between 1938 and 1963, it appears as though gay men have bigger penises. But it’s not only length that homosexual men have the edge on heterosexual men with, the penis of gay men also has a wider girth. So now for the details of study.

Between 1938 ans 1963,  The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex Gender and Reproduction collected data relating to the sex lives, fantasies and penis measurements of 5,122 men, so it was a relatively decent sample. While it was completed in 1963, it took another 36 years for the numbers to be crunched, and for someone to actually want to find an answer to the question, who has the biggest penis? Gay or straight men?

Professor Anthony Bogaert, a Psychologist at Brock University in Canada, compiled the numbers of the study and found some interesting statistics. The numbers seemed to show that the erect penis of a gay male had an average measurement of 6.32 inches. The average length of a heterosexual males erect penis was 5.99 inches. That equates to an average length difference of a third of an inch in favor of homosexual males. Talk about winning by a head.

The rumor is that it’s not length that matters, but width. Surely the heterosexual males could take the lead in that department? It appears not. The average penis circumference of gay males was 4.95 inches, which beat the average width of straight males which was 4.80 inches. So what does this study mean?

Probably not much at all really, but professor Bogaert has a theory. He thinks that it could point to biological factors that affect sexual orientation.

But there’s a glitch in the results that gay men have bigger penises

Fear not straight men, all is not completely lost. The original researchers failed to take the measurements themselves. Instead they relied on the participants either mailing the measurements in, or by reporting it to an interviewer. So that’s the loophole. The entire study relied upon honesty, and lets face it. If men will lie about anything they will lie about their penis. But it’s also worth pointing out that all participants could have been telling the truth, or only homosexual men were lying. Ultimately, no one will ever know the true answer, and no one else has ever sought to ask the question, do gay men have bigger penises?


12 The Nobel Prize Has Three Naked Men On It

The Nobel Prize Has Three Naked Men On It

OK, so this isn’t really a fact about penises, but it is still weirdly interesting. Did you know that the Nobel prize has three naked men on it? It does, for some reason, and it’s a little weird.

Given that the Nobel Prize is rarely awarded to ordinary people, this would come as a huge surprise to many. But just because it has three naked men on the face of it, the image should not be considered to be anything sexual. just as with many pieces in art galleries, it’s a piece of finely tuned artwork.

The three naked men on the Nobel Prize are depicted with completely naked, and resting their hands on each others shoulders. They are also holding really weird, and I would say uncomfortable posture.

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