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Mon. Oct 14th, 2019

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12 Seriously Cool Penis Facts That Will Make You Look at Them Differently

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2 A Painful And Prolonged Erection Is Called Priapism, And Is Serious

Painful And Prolonged Erection Is Called Priapism

Talking of erections, did you know that some people can get a hard on for hours, and it isn’t as good as it sounds?

Most guys who get an erection are only able to sustain it long enough to do the job at hand. If their partner is lucky enough, they might be able to keep the little guy outstanding for an encore performance, although this is rare among men. But some men suffer from a condition called priapism, which is a hard on that won’t go down. I mean it literally won’t go down for hours on end. If it sounds too good to  be true, imagine a persistent erection for four hours or more, that is also extremely painful. Getting the picture now? It’s not a good thing to have, despite what the porn industry might be looking for in a performer.

If a man suffers from an erection that lasts more than four hours, whether or not it is painful, they need to see a doctor. Priapism is classified as a serious medical condition, and an emergency. It actually has several causes, but is normally characterized by one of two disorders. It wil either be high flow, or low flow. High flow is where too much blood is entering the penis, and low flow is where the blood flows too slowly for the erection to subside. If treatment is avoided or delayed, it can lead to impotence and permanent damage to the organ.


3 Average Penis Length

Average Penis Length

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