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12 Seriously Cool Penis Facts That Will Make You Look at Them Differently

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When it comes to the piece of meat dangling between mens legs, there doesn’t seem to be all that much that you need to know about it. Most men seem to only be able to think with it, and it really does also seem to drive just about everything that men do. But reality aside, the dong is a pretty amazing thing, and there are a lot of penis facts that are very interesting. So why not take a comfortable position and read through our cool penis facts that will definitely make you look at them differently. We hope that it’s not too hard to read.

1 An Average Man Has 90 Minutes Of Erections During Sleep

morning wood

There’s nothing like a hard on, unless you are a teenager who get them at the most inappropriate times. They make your wily look bigger, enable sex, and are pretty fun to play with. But did you know that you can also get erections during your sleep?

If you’re a man you’ve probably woken with a bit of an erection. But do you know why? It’s actually the left overs from the nights sleep and is called Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT). In an average night of sleep a man will have around 90 minutes of erections, which is around 20% of the time sleeping!

Here’s one of the more interesting features of NPT. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, making them practically useless in bed, can use this to help determine the cause of the inability to get it up. A small paper tape is placed around the penis when the patient goes to sleep. If it is broken in the morning it shows that the man is able to get an erection, so the cause must be psychological, such as anxiety. If it is intact then there is a the chance that the problem is caused by a physical disability. An elastic band with electronic sensors can also be used and will provide more information on how the penis is behaving during the night.


2 A Painful And Prolonged Erection Is Called Priapism, And Is Serious

Painful And Prolonged Erection Is Called Priapism

Talking of erections, did you know that some people can get a hard on for hours, and it isn’t as good as it sounds?

Most guys who get an erection are only able to sustain it long enough to do the job at hand. If their partner is lucky enough, they might be able to keep the little guy outstanding for an encore performance, although this is rare among men. But some men suffer from a condition called priapism, which is a hard on that won’t go down. I mean it literally won’t go down for hours on end. If it sounds too good to  be true, imagine a persistent erection for four hours or more, that is also extremely painful. Getting the picture now? It’s not a good thing to have, despite what the porn industry might be looking for in a performer.

If a man suffers from an erection that lasts more than four hours, whether or not it is painful, they need to see a doctor. Priapism is classified as a serious medical condition, and an emergency. It actually has several causes, but is normally characterized by one of two disorders. It wil either be high flow, or low flow. High flow is where too much blood is entering the penis, and low flow is where the blood flows too slowly for the erection to subside. If treatment is avoided or delayed, it can lead to impotence and permanent damage to the organ.


3 Average Penis Length

Average Penis Length

No surprises here. They come in different lengths. From the big to the tiny, there are so many different sized willies out there that it makes it difficult to know if the one that you or your partner has is “normal.” I mean, for a man that visits a urinal and gets a little curiously weird and takes a peek at the other men taking a piss, it can be confusing. Some men hardly poke out of their trousers, while others nearly touch the damn floor. Then there’s the temperature to take into consideration. It has a weird impact on that particular region.

But if it wan’t already confusing enough, the porn industry has given people an unrealistic expectation of what to expect down there. For visual and entertainment purposes, a big shlong looks better on film, and is well, clearly more visible. The over use of big willies in the porn game has made many men feel rather inadequate when it comes to size. But men shouldn’t worry.

The average length of a flaccid penis is 3 to 4 inches.The average erect penis is 5 inches (12.5cm). Both of these measurements are way less than the porn movies would have us believe.


4 Humans Have The Largest Penis Of All Of The Primates

Humans Have The Largest Penis Of All Of The Primates

If you find yourself on the smaller end of the average penis length, here’s a little picker upper for you. While some men have small willies, spare a thought for other animals in the primate family, of which we are a part of. But how could this possibly be? Apes, for example, are much larger than us?

Well, the size of an animal is no indication of the size of its member. If that were the case both Arnold Schwarzenegger and the tallest man in the world would be hung like horses. But as far as I know, they are not. Which brings us to the anatomy of gorillas.

While gorillas in general dwarf humans in size, they have a very small penis. It’s really no thicker than a pencil, and also very short. Some gorillas in fact don’t even get to be this big. In short, they are really short.

While monkeys and apes may not have the goods where it counts, they sure do have a fluffy and cuteness factor that a lot of men lack.


but this is something that the next man has nothing to worry about.

5 The World’s Largest Penis Is Over 13 Inches Long

Worlds Largest Penis

The world’s largest penis is frightfully big. I mean it, HUGE. It’s like God got confused and mixed up the vital bits of a donkey and man, and somewhere out there is a donkey with a completely undersized, and inadequate penis. So who is the lucky guy with the world’s largest penis?

Taking the perspective of most men, this guy should be a legend among men. His name is Jonah Falcon, a New Yorker from Italian heritage. Yep, that gem threw out the stereotypes about race and penis size. He is, apart from an enviable record holder, a writer, actor and talk show host. He has had quite a few small roles in sitcoms throughout his career, but as of yet, no break through role. But by far, his greatest claim to fame is his best friend, his dong. So do you want to know how big his willy is?

Before proceeding any further please take a seat. The numbers we are about to present to you would make an accountant grin. Jonah Falcon, the lucky guy with the world’s largest penis, has a willy that measures 9.5 inches (24 cm) in length when flaccid. Wow right? That’s massive. But as with all ding dongs, make them happy and they get even bigger. I mean, harden this mother of a dick up and he would be able to play quite an effective round of golf with it. When he gets it up, hard, erect, it measures a whopping, eye gouging, mind shattering 13.5 inches (34 cm) in length. I don’t think I’ve even seen a dildo that big in a sex shop. The poor woman on the receiving end of that beast would probably feel it on her ribs. But length isn’t everything. Most people say that it’s the thickness of the penis that matters most, and for the majority of men they will have either one or the other. A long thin willy, or a short fat one. But this is one lucky guy. It’s both long and thick.

Jonah Falcon claims that his penis is so wide that he can wrap his entire foreskin around a door knob! Two things. That’s freaking huge, and who the hell would do that? So what does he do with it?

You would probably think that a penis of this magnitude belongs in porn (or a freak show). But the owner disagrees. Growing up he always felt odd and left out because of its size. Sure, he could make a hugely successful career out of pornography, but as Jonah himself noted, “it would be just the easy way out.” Instead of making porn, he decided to pursue a career in mainstream acting and writing for a blog.

But you would think that having a humongous penis would be mostly happy times. Not exactly. While most men think that having a huge willy would be great, the reality is anything but. In a documentary about his penis simply titled “The World’s Largest Penis,” he claims that it is a burden. It has presented itself as a problem during sexual encounters, and often attracts a lot of unwelcome attention. He has been stopped at airport security checkpoints due to the large bulge in his pants.


penis facts

However, the following record makes even the monkeys seem large

6 World’s Smallest Penis Ever Recorded Was Only 1 cm Long

smallest penis ever

Do you know how big, or um, small the world’s smallest penis is? Or how about the world’s smallest penis ever recorded? We understand that this is a difficult and delicate subject, but to hell with it. It’s about time that we confronted a subject matter that not everyone is overly comfortable with.

When it comes to measuring things, especially when it comes to records, the usual case is the bigger the easier it is to record. This can be for many reasons. Firstly, it’s usually much more difficult to hide something that is larger than average, while something smaller than average is often already hidden. Then there’s the case that people who have the biggest are often proud of their achievement and want to show the world, a scenario the world’s smallest penis record holder would be less than comfortable doing. Then there’s the difficulty in actually measuring. Big items are much easier to measure. Of course there are the vernier calipers that are designed to measure small items to the smallest degree, but the problem with small things is that there often seems to be far more small things than big things. So the difference in size between big things is a little easier to determine. But even still, this is a particular record that very few men would be willing to present themselves for.

As you may have seen, the world’s biggest penis belongs to a man called Jonah Falcon, a man who lives in New York. His monstrosity is almost as terrifying as it is captivating. But even still, that’s at the complete opposite end of this scale, and he seems to have no problems sharing the size of his burden with the public.

OK. To work this record out takes a lot of looking, and I will say right now that it isn’t precise. At any point another person could potentially come forward and set a new record. You may think that that would be a long shot, but it’s not. In several locations around the world, such as in New York, regular championships are held to determine who has the shortest penis, at least in that vicinity. It is entirely plausible that one of these contestants could set a new world record.

There are actually several conditions that can cause a small penis. One such cause can include being obese. When a person is over weight the additional fat builds up and practically consumes the penis. While the penis is still there, due to the extra fat around the pelvic region, more of it is hidden inside the fat, thus less is actually protruding. Losing weight is one effective way to make a penis look bigger. Another possible cause of a micro penis is a condition called hypoplasia. In this instance the willy is often physically smaller and does not form an external shaft. The head, or glans are attached directly to the pubis. So it’s just the head trying to poke through the forest of hair.

The smallest penis ever recorded

From what we have been able to determine, the smallest penis ever recorded reached a size of 1 cm (0.39 inch). By all accounts that is the size of the penis while it is erect, not flaccid. A penis of that insignificance would possibly indicate that the person had the condition hypoplasia.

<source>     <source>     <source>

smallest penis ever recorded


But if you find yourself in the short department, you could always try this.

7 Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally By Losing Weight

make penis biggerWere you aware that there’s a non surgical way to make your penis bigger? Not only does this method avoid going under the surgeons blade, but it also has many other health benefits. So what’s the secret formula that most men want to know? Quite simply, you can make your penis bigger by losing weight. So how does this work?

Well, nothing actually gets bigger, lets clear that one up first of all. It’s a bit like a magician. You will be performing an illusion. Your penis doesn’t actually get bigger, but it appears that way. We will try our best to explain.

Around your groin area are bones, flesh and of course there is also a little fat. As you gain weight the fat builds up and conceals more and more of your penis inside your body. For a perfect example, imagine a house inside a yard. It’s standing there tall, erect and proud. But there’s only one problem. Due to an overgrown lawn, with grass five foot high, the house doesn’t look that tall at all. If you mow the lawn you will be able to see more of the house, and hence it will appear to be taller. The same principle applies to a willy. Lose weight and more of it will show. But how much more?

Here’s the surprising news for men who want to make their penis bigger without surgery. Approximately 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) is gained in penis length for every 7 kilograms (15 pounds) lost in body weight. No only does the willy appear to get bigger, but you will also be much healthier in the process.
Before rounding this fact out I thought it would be interesting to end it on a funny anecdote. What many people may not know is that webmasters have the ability to see what people search for when they land on their page. It’s mostly used as a tool for SEO, but sometimes there can be a funny side effect. This is what happened with this post which prompted me to come back and add it to the fact. I was looking one day at the stats and noticed a rather odd search term. Lets just say that it encouraged a huge amount of laughter. Someone had searched for “how to make my penis look unreal,” and landed on this page. Once the laughter had died down I decided to add it to this fact, as a funny side note. But if you are wondering how to make it look unreal, just leave it alone. I’m sure that no one is really interested in how it looks.


But no matter how big your dick is, the US government doesn’t give a shit about it, and considers it worthless.

8 The US Department Of Veterans Affairs Doesn’t List The Penis As An Appendage For Compensation


During times of conflict injuries to soldiers are often a regrettable side effect of battles. When a US soldier is wounded, depending on the extent of the injuries, they are sometimes compensated. For example when a soldier loses a hand, eye, thumb or foot, the injured soldier will receive $50,000 compensation for their injuries. So what happens if the solder sustains an injury to their genitals? The sad answer is nothing. The Department of Veterans Affairs does not recognise the penis as an appendage to be compensated for. For most men this would appear to be unfair and unjust.

The war in Afghanistan has presented the US Department of Veterans Affairs with a new challenge. The war has seen a marked increase in genital injuries, the majority of which are from improvised explosive devices. Regrettably for the soldiers the injury affects they will not be compensated one cent for their loss, a loss that would present both physical and psychological challenges to most men.

There has been recent progress in the development for protective cups to prevent such injuries from occurring in the future. The  army and Marine Corps have also begun to use protective boxers for their soldiers.


Which now brings us onto a loss of a different kind.

9 70% Of The Worlds Males Are Uncircumcised

circumcise percent worldwide

Difficult and touchy subject that many new families around the world face every day. Circumcision. You know, the removal of the foreskin from the penis. Yes, it’s probably as painful as it sounds, and in recent years debate has raged about it’s need.

Circumcision is an ancient religious practice that has, over time, become fashionable and a use for disease control. But it might surprise you to know that only 30% of males around the world are actually circumcised. Many countries lack the facilities and skills to carry out the simple procedure (when compared to complex medical surgeries). And with medical professionals now debating whether or not circumcision is effective in controlling the spread of sexually transmitted infections, and the ethical question of removing a section of skin, the numbers may be dropping.

It is clear that in the western world, apart from being for cultural or religious reasons, the numbers of circumcisions are dropping due to circumcision being viewed as an unnecessary mutilation. In the US the number of males circumcised is around 55%.

It may also surprise you to find out that the foreskins are not just disposed of. Doctors use the foreskins for skin grafts. One foreskin can cover up to 836 square metres (9000 square feet) of new skin. This comes in extremely useful for use in burns victims. So while the the practice may be waning, and it may be seen as cruel and unnecessary, at least it does provide some medical benefit to others whose life may depend on it,


10 A Man’s Brain And Spinal Cord Control His Penis


It is often said a man only thinks with his penis, but it is actually the other way around. When a man gets an erection it begins in the brain. The brain sends chemical signals to the spinal cord to relax the blood vessels and allow them to engorge. But it’s what happens during the final stages that are really surprising.

Once the penis has been ‘excited’ enough, the spinal cord then sends a signal to the brain. The brain then sends a chemical message back to the spinal cord for the penis and the vas deferens (the tubes that hold the semen) to ejaculate. The process of ejaculation has two phases, and the second does away with the brain.

The first phase gets the vas deferens to contract and send sperm to the back of the urethra. Seminal vessels also release fluid into the back of the urethra, which then triggers the second and final stage. This stage only communicates with the spinal cord.

When the posterior urethra detects seminal fluid it sends a signal to the spinal cord, which then sends a message back to the penis to contract every 0.8 seconds, which causes an ejaculation.

Without the brain and spinal cord the whole process of an erection and ejaculation would never occur.


11 Gay Men Have Bigger Penises

do gay men have bigger penises

Well this explains a lot, in one area at least, but raises questions elsewhere. According to a study of 5,122 between 1938 and 1963, it appears as though gay men have bigger penises. But it’s not only length that homosexual men have the edge on heterosexual men with, the penis of gay men also has a wider girth. So now for the details of study.

Between 1938 ans 1963,  The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex Gender and Reproduction collected data relating to the sex lives, fantasies and penis measurements of 5,122 men, so it was a relatively decent sample. While it was completed in 1963, it took another 36 years for the numbers to be crunched, and for someone to actually want to find an answer to the question, who has the biggest penis? Gay or straight men?

Professor Anthony Bogaert, a Psychologist at Brock University in Canada, compiled the numbers of the study and found some interesting statistics. The numbers seemed to show that the erect penis of a gay male had an average measurement of 6.32 inches. The average length of a heterosexual males erect penis was 5.99 inches. That equates to an average length difference of a third of an inch in favor of homosexual males. Talk about winning by a head.

The rumor is that it’s not length that matters, but width. Surely the heterosexual males could take the lead in that department? It appears not. The average penis circumference of gay males was 4.95 inches, which beat the average width of straight males which was 4.80 inches. So what does this study mean?

Probably not much at all really, but professor Bogaert has a theory. He thinks that it could point to biological factors that affect sexual orientation.

But there’s a glitch in the results that gay men have bigger penises

Fear not straight men, all is not completely lost. The original researchers failed to take the measurements themselves. Instead they relied on the participants either mailing the measurements in, or by reporting it to an interviewer. So that’s the loophole. The entire study relied upon honesty, and lets face it. If men will lie about anything they will lie about their penis. But it’s also worth pointing out that all participants could have been telling the truth, or only homosexual men were lying. Ultimately, no one will ever know the true answer, and no one else has ever sought to ask the question, do gay men have bigger penises?


12 The Nobel Prize Has Three Naked Men On It

The Nobel Prize Has Three Naked Men On It

OK, so this isn’t really a fact about penises, but it is still weirdly interesting. Did you know that the Nobel prize has three naked men on it? It does, for some reason, and it’s a little weird.

Given that the Nobel Prize is rarely awarded to ordinary people, this would come as a huge surprise to many. But just because it has three naked men on the face of it, the image should not be considered to be anything sexual. just as with many pieces in art galleries, it’s a piece of finely tuned artwork.

The three naked men on the Nobel Prize are depicted with completely naked, and resting their hands on each others shoulders. They are also holding really weird, and I would say uncomfortable posture.

Thanks for reading our stand up list of cool penis facts. If you enjoyed or found this interesting, we would love for you to hit the share button and share it with your friends. While at it, why not take a look at the other weird and unusual facts that are on our site. You will learn something new today.

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