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Mon. Oct 14th, 2019

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25 Useless Facts to Know That Will Make You Scratch Your Head

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25 of some of the most useless facts to know. Of course, these useless facts to know won’t change your life as you know it, but what it will do is give you a new and amazing insight into just a little bit of the world around you.

1 You Can Turned Into An Artificial Reef After You Die

useless facts to know

If there is one thing that the oceans need, apart from less pollution, it’s more reefs. Reefs provide the ocean with an environment that can flourish with life. But there are two problems with getting more reefs. The ocean is a mighty big place, and making reefs costs money.

It’s not completely rare to see an old ocean faring ship being sunk on purpose to make an artificial reef. While this is a good idea, the preparation work of the ship to make it environmentally sound to rest on the ocean floor is an expensive exercise. It’s something that is far out of reach for the average person to accomplish. But did you know that you can contribute to the marine environment even after you have died? You can do this by being turned into a reef yourself.

A company in Georgia, USA will mix your ashes following a cremation with cement and drop it to the bottom of the ocean to form an artificial reef.


2 A Rapist And A Killer Appeared On A Dating Show

dating show rapist

A convicted rapist and serial killer once appeared on a dating game show called The Dating Game.

Rodney James Alcala appeared on the show in 1978 even after being convicted of 2 sex offences already, and by that time he had already killed 2 people but he hadn’t yet been linked with the deaths. His date, Cheryl Bradshaw, refused to go on the date because she found him creepy.

Her refusal may have saved her life. In the time immediately after the game show he had killed two other women. It is speculated that he may have killed anywhere between 8 and 130 people.


3 Guide To Dressing Up As An Authentic Ghost

giphy (9)

Do you dress up as a ghoulish ghost on Halloween? You had better wee and poop your pants too. Ghosts that appear in films always appear as they died, either blood soaked, wet, bullet ridden and so on. When you die your muscles relax and you wet and poop your pants. So to dress up as a scary ghost you better complete the costume.


4 Someone Actually Cut A Key From An X Ray

Useless Facts

A locksmith in North Platte, Nebraska managed to cut a key from an X ray of the key that a man had swallowed. Even more amazing was that it worked first try!


5 There’s A Hidden Message In How You Place Your Stamps

Hidden Message In How You Place Your Stamps

Remember the days gone bt when people used to post ;etters to one another? I know, it’s a vague distant memory, but something that I can still recall. Well, did you know that you can send a letter to a loved one and code a message with nothing more than the way that the stamp is placed?

An upside down stamp was secret code for ‘I love you’, and one placed at an angle could mean ‘I miss you.’ But why do this?

This all come about during the Victorian era when parents heavily censored their children’s mail. By placing a stamp on an envelope a certain way with a plain and boringly official letter, a secret love message could be conveyed to another person.


6 A Life Sized Car Was Made Out Of Play Doh

TLife Sized Car Was Made Out Of Play Doh

A full size car has been made out of 10,000 pots of Play Doh. It weighs 1.5 tons and took 8 people 2 weeks to make.

The 1.5 ton replica was commissioned by Chevy to promote their new family sedan in Britain. The car practically exhausted the countries supply of aquamarine Play Doh.


7 A Full Bladder Can Help You Make Better Decisions

Full Bladder Can Help You Make Better Decisions

Want to make better decisions? You can and it’s easy. All you need to do is fill your bladder.

Researchers noticed that people who had to make decisions on a full bladder made better decisions than those who had an empty bladder. But how is this so?

In a series of experiments, the researchers took two groups of people and got them to drink different quantities of water. They then offered both groups of people a choice with two options, one a good reward, the other a not so good reward. For example, they could get $10 today or $20 in a month. The research found that those who had a full bladder opted for the $20 in a month over the $10 today, which was clearly a better decision.

The results were replicated over several experiments. So if you want to make a big life changing decision, fill your bladder up and then make it.


8 There Was An Entire Novel Written Without Using The Letter E

Entire Novel Written Without Using The Letter E

The Gadsby was a novel that was published in 1939 by Ernest Vincent Wright, and it doesn’t contain one single letter E, the most used letter in the English language. You might be thinking that this is impossible, but it’s not. Difficult, sure, but not impossible,

When Wright wrote Gadsby, the 50,000 word book without the letter “E”, he said that one of the most difficult things to achieve was avoiding the “-ed” suffix for past tense verbs. Instead of using “ed”, as in “he walked”, he would write “he did walk.” He also had to completely avoid any of the numbers between six and thirty. He also had to use some abbreviations and change some well known quotes to fit in with his desire not to use the letter “E”.

The book never really sold that well, and has only gained attention to be in some specialty collection. It entered the public domain in 1968 when its copyright wasn’t renewed.


9 Egyptian Pharaohs Never Drank Wine

Egyptian Pharaohs Never Drank Wine

Wine has been around for thousands of years and has been associated with the upper echelons of society. In ancient Egypt the pharaohs were often buried with wine, but the commoners only really drank beer. There was a time though when the kings would not drink wine. According to Plutarch ancient Pharaohs wouldn’t drink wine because it reminded them of the blood spilled in battle with the gods. They also believed that being drunk was because they were filled with the blood of their ancestors.

But even though they didn’t drink wine, they did do something sexually odd.


10 Hotel Rooms Are Dirtier Than You Think

Next time you stay in a hotel room think of this. No matter how clean it appears to be there is a high likelihood of it containing urine and semen stains. Although these stains are invisible to the naked eye and are harmless, they are still there. An investigation by ABC News in the US found stains in all 20 hotels they visited. And that was just the body fluid stains, and not the other contaminates, such as what can be found in a mattress.


11 The Clothes You Wear Can Influence Your Attention

The Clothes You Wear Can Influence Your Attention

This is strange but true. The clothes you wear can influence your intelligence. In a study of peoples clothing it was discovered that if people wore clothing from a profession that they regard as smart or intelligent they would perform better in attention related tasks. For example, if they were handed a white coat and told it was a doctors coat they performed much better than if they were told it was a painters coat.


12 A Chinese Ghost City Appeared And Vanished In One Day

In the evening of 26th June, 2011 in the  eastern Chinese city of Huanshan a mirage of another city appeared. This ghost city was complete with trees, mountains and tall buildings.

The apparition appeared following a period of heavy rain and humid conditions along Xin’an river. It is believed it was caused by light refracting in the mist to cause what appeared to be a city from another dimension.


13 There Was A Three Way Election Tie

Three Way Election Tie

In a general election in Comal County, Texas, USA in 2002 the election resulted in a three way tie. County Judge Danny Scheel got 18,181 votes, State Senator Jeff Wentworth got 18,181 votes and State representative Carter Casteel got 18,181 votes.

It was thought that the computerised voting system lead to the strange outcome, but nobody checked. The number 18181 is a prime number and a palindromic prime at that. It has also been suggested that using a simple alpha/numeric substitution, where a=1, b=2, …h=8, reveals the message: “ahaha”, meaning that a computer programer may have hacked the voting system and left a hint with the joke.

In 2004 the result was altered to show that the three winners each got 18,183 votes.


14 Writing Door 30 Times In 60 Seconds Makes People Think It Is Not A Real Word


The phrase jamais vu is the opposite of déjà vu, meaning that you have experienced a situation, but it feels new to you. The feeling is mostly felt by people who do not recognise a word, place or person they already know.

Chris Moulin, of Leeds University, was attending the International Conference on Memory in Sydney and conducted a study of 92 volunteers and asked them to write the word “door” 30 times in 60 seconds. He reported that 68% of the volunteers showed symptoms of jamais vu, such as beginning to doubt that “door” was a real word.

He believes this is due to brain fatigue, and it is similar to some phenomena of schizophrenia patients who think a familiar person has been replaced by an imposter. He believes they could be suffering from chronic jamais vu.

Try it out for yourself and tell us in the comments if it had any affect on you.


15 Anatidaephobia Is The Fear That A Duck Is Watching You

Now, this has to be one of the weirdest and most fucked phobias that I have ever heard of and thought that it deserved its own post. I mean seriously, how could anyone be scared of this?

Anatidaephobia is a fear that somewhere a duck is watching you. The affected person believes that no matter where they are or what they are doing a duck is watching their every move.

Some of the symptoms of anatidaephobia are a dry mouth, gasping or a shortness of breath, trembling, hyperventilation, muscle tension, feeling of being trapped and unable to escape and a feeling of impending disaster.

People who are affected by this phobia likely had a bad experience with a duck or some other water fowl such as a swan or a goose. It is even more likely that one of these animals attacked them.

You can read a list of phobias here.


16 German Men Are Taught To Urinate Sitting Down

Is it just me or is this unthinkable? In Germany, men are taught to urinate while sitting down. To me this defies logic and is a violation of my God given right to stand and deliver. After all, women got multiple orgasms, and standing while urinating was out payoff. So what’s the deal anyway?

In Germany, men are taught to urinate while sitting, a Sitzpinkler. They are taught this from a very young age as it is regarded as unhealthy, dirty and messy to urinate while standing. You will often find notices attached to the underside of toilet seats telling the males to sit. Electronic gadgets have also been on the market that attach to the underside of the toilet seat and emit an audible instruction for the males to pee while seated.


17 Every Year 2,500 Left Handed People Die Using Right Handed Products

left handed people die using right handed products


Is this right? 2,500 left handed people die using right handed products. It would seem oddly peculiar that being left handed could be such a dangerous trait in todays world. Sure, in times long gone by being left handed could pose as a serious health risk to the individual in question, what with being considered evil and so forth. But the problem with being left handed today isn’t a brush with a highly ill informed church, it simply has to do with marketing.

While the proportion of left handed people in the world is only about 10%, like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons, the lack of equipment for left handed people is quite astounding, and it even leads to death. This lack of equipment actually results in about 2500 left handed people being killed every year by products designed for right handed people. You might be wondering how this could be possible?

2,500 left handed people die using right handed products every year because of the variety of different products that are made to suit a right handed person. While simple things, such as a can opened, are about as dangerous as a fly swatter, items such as power saws and chainsaws are significantly more dangerous, even when used by a right handed person.


18 Most People Can’t Laugh On Command

Most People Can't Laugh On Command

When it comes to language on this celestial rock, there are very few that are universal. Among them are mathematics and laughter. But laughter, unlike maths, is a natural response that all people know. You do not need to learn it, it just comes naturally. The chuckles and giggles come in many different forms, but one thing remains constant. We can all tell when someone is laughing. So that is what makes this fact so interesting. Surprisingly, laughing is something that most people can’t do on command. Sure they can fake laughing, but it also looks fake.

Before you say this is untrue consider this. You can pretend to try and laugh, but to onlookers it will appear as forced and completely unauthentic. If you are lucky it may trigger an actual laugh response and turn the fake laugh into a real one. If you are unlucky, at worse you might just loo a bit of a fool. A fake laugh will often end with very little effort, whereas in comparison, an authentic chuckle can become impossible to stop, no matter how hard you try.

So what does all this mean? It means that it appears as though we can’t deliberately trigger the brains laugh mechanism to give an authentic laugh.


19 A Wedgie Can Cause Major Testicular damage

wedgie testicular damage

What may seem like a relatively harmless school yard prank, a wedgie, can actually be a hugely dangerous thing to do. This was what a group of young boys, and a young victim found out after they tried to replicate a move that they had seen on The Simpsons.

In 2004 a ten year old boy nearly lost one of his testicles after some friends performed an atomic wedgie on him. The testicle had become fully detached from his scrotum, and had to be reattached during a one hour long procedure.

So the next time you see or think about performing one of these pranks, just consider the implications that could arise.


20 The Marlboro Man Died Of Lung Cancer

Marlboro Man Died Of Lung Cancer

The Marlboro Man died of lung cancer. The actor who portrayed him, Wayne McLaren died at the age of 51. When he heard he had lung cancer he undertook a massive anti-smoking campaign. The Phillip Morris tobacco company initially denied he had worked for them, but eventually admitted he was the Molboro Man. But as you have probably guessed, he wasn’t the only Marlboro Man.

Over the years there have been more than a few Marlboro Men who have appeared in commercials, on billboards, and even on radio. The typical look was of a rugged looking cowboy who smoked. As the persona required someone who at least appeared to enjoy a cigarette, all were smokers of varying addiction and consumption. But did any other Marlboro Men die of lung cancer?

At least three other Marlboro men died of lung cancer or smoking associated diseases. However, all of these men were of a normal life expectancy when they passed away.

Model David Millar was the Marlboro Man during the 1950’s, and he died of emphysema in 1987 at the age of 81.  David McLean died of lung cancer in 1995 at the age of 73. He took up smoking at the age of twelve, and was the Marlboro Man during the 1960’s. Eric Lawsonl, who adopted the persona during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s died in 2014 at the age of 72 from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


21 Forty Is The Only Number With All Of The Letters In Alphabetical Order.


Forty, when spelled, is the only number with all of the letters in alphabetical order. In case you’re wondering if it should be fourty, it shouldn’t. Forty is the correct way to spell forty (40), even though many people tend to make the very common mistake in spelling it fourty, which in some instances does make sense due to four and fourteen.

22  Laughter Is Good For Your Health


Apart from putting a smile on our faces, and generally cheering us up, did you know that laughter is good for us? I don’t mean in the metaphorical sense. Laughter is actually medically good for everyone, and partaking in a good, honest laugh has many health benefits.

Clearly laughter has many social and mental benefits, From making it easier to form meaningful bonds with friends and potential partners, to making a person suffering from depression enjoy the lighter side of life, laughter seems to be the right stuff. But what makes laughter so amazing is that it can be healthy for you in a purely physiological way too.

Laughter relaxes the entire body. This itself, even though it can leave you in cramps while actually laughing, is a massive benefit to tight and sore muscles and joints. It also decreases stress hormones, which increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies. Laughter also triggers the release of endorphins which gives you a feeling of well being and can even relieve pain. It also increases blood flow and improves the function of the blood vessels.


23 Every Month That Begins On A Sunday Will Always Have A Friday The 13th

useless facts to know

Did you know that every month that begins on a Sunday will always have a Friday the 13th?

24 Cool Number Four Trick



Try this, it is simply amazing.

If you pick a number between 1 and 99 and spell it out and then count the letters used and use that as your new number and spell it out again and keep going like that you will always land on 4 within 5 turns. For example 16- sixteen has 7 letters. 7- seven has 5 letters. 5- five has 4 letters.


25 Website Privacy Policies


If you read the entire privacy document of every site or place you visited it would take 76 work days. How did they work this out? The top 75 websites have a median of 2514 words in their privacy policies. The average user visits 1450 websites a year. At the average reading rate of 250 words a minute it would take on average 10 minutes to read each privacy policy.


Well, that was our list of useless facts to know. We certainly hope you enjoyed this list, and now proceed onto more amazing facts and lists.

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