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8 Sperm Facts That Are a Little Funky

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2 Sexual Intercourse Produces More Sperm Than Masturbation

sperm sex masturbation

Who ever would have guessed it? Did you know that sexual intercourse not only produces more sperm than masturbation, but also better quality sperm.

Several studies have shown that semen ejaculated during intercourse contains between 70 and 120 percent more sperm. Not only does the semen contain more sperm, but the sperm is also has a slightly higher motility and slightly more normal morphology than samples collected by masturbation. But it’s not only the amount of sperm that increases during sex, the volume of ejaculate also increases by between 25 to 45 percent.

Oddly though, the increases of both semen and sperm is also greater for men who have oligospermia.  Oligospermia is a condition that affects some men and results in a lower concentration of sperm. This condition is common in male infertility.

Despite the finding that sex produces both more sperm and semen than masturbation, science has failed to find an explanation, although some hypothesize that it could be the result intercourse subduing inhibition in the central nervous system.


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