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8 Sperm Facts That Are a Little Funky

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3 No Sleep Is Bad For A Mans Sperm

No Sleep Is Bad For A Mans Sperm
No sleep, or specifically, a lack of significantly decent sleep can be detrimental to a mans sperm. Not only can it be bad for a mans sperm, but it can also have a serious impact of the entire reproductive process, including the sexual organs.

If you are a male who finds it hard to sleep or has broken sleep there is a chance that you will have significantly smaller testicles and a lower sperm count than those who have a full nights sleep. Now if a lower sperm count is not that big of a concern for you, especially if you think it is a bonus because you can have a party life without the risk of starting a family, perhaps the small balls warning could ring alarm bells. There is nothing quite like looking at a Christmas tree with big decorations. The trees with small decorations are far less inviting and glamorous to look at.

In a recent study of 1000 men who were about to begin military service, it was found that men who have little sleep usually have a lower sperm count than those who have a full nights, or a decent amount of sleep. The study also showed that those same men also had smaller testicles. The authors of the study made it clear they do not know why men who sleep less have smaller testicles, but believe it may affect hormone levels.

Obviously the size of the testicles has an impact of sperm production. It’s been a long held belief in the cattle industry which measures the size of bulls testicles to determine just how virile the bull can be. The larger the package, the better a chance of good quality sperm. So by logic, if this is true, it should be the same theory for all mammals.

The researchers stressed that a lack of sleep had far reaching implications. Those who had little sleep were often had unhealthy lifestyles by being overweight, drinking alcohol more and being smokers.


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