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Bestiality Is Still Legal In 13 US States

Bestiality is still legal in 13 US states. Seriously? You are legally permitted to go out and have sexual intercourse with any living animal that you might find, either on a farm or in the wild. Why would they do this? Are the law makers just perverted, lazy or do they just think that having sex with animals is something that you don’t have to tell people is wrong? To tell you the truth, I have no idea. All I know is that bestiality i still legal in 13 US states as of the time this was written.

Bestiality is not something that most people would be interested in, at all. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s sex with animals. You wouldn’t think that it would be necessary to make bestiality illegal, but nonetheless people sometimes, for reasons only they can explain, engage is sex with animals. One of the more recent states to make bestiality illegal was Washington state following the death of a man from having sex with a horse. Yeah, they had to wait for someone to get hurt before they thought to let dim witted fools know that it was wrong.

In 2005 a well documented case of bestiality hit the headlines following the death of a man who had sex with a horse. It appeared that he had made arrangements online┬áto have sex with a horse at a ranch in Enumclaw, Washington. The ranch was apparently well known for renting out their animals for sex. It was an animal brothel, of sorts. The horse ruptured the mans colon (so he wasn’t screwing it, it was screwing him), and as he was too embarrassed to seek medical help he┬ádied from blood loss. The ranch was investigated, not for bestiality, but for cruelty to animals. The law enforcement officers were not concerned about the horse, they had concern for smaller animals that could be harmed by humans. Could you imagine a bird getting raped?

Six months after the death of the man, Washington state passed a law making bestiality illegal. Since 2012 it still remains legal in 13 US states.


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4 thoughts on “Bestiality is Still Legal in 13 Us States

  1. Well beastiality being made illegal in a state is similar to sodomy(anal sex) being illegal in a state. Beastiality not being illegal falls into the domain of cross species or interspecies relationships (yes a bird can be in love with a fish and have a long lasting monogmous relationship, and the same can happen between a homosapien and another species). Not to mention making beastiality illegal opens up a can of worms if a new species of “human” crops up (i.e homo superior).

    From a logic standpoint making something illegal because someone thinks it “wrong” is well the wrong way to go about it, illegality is supposed to be because the offense is criminally dangerous to society or poses a great risk to an uneducated on the method individual (such as many drugs). Not to mention great diffculty in enforcing such a law(animals are everywhere, and humans are animals too) could get extremely messy.

  2. The problem is not just cross species but the ability to consent and the misuse of what or bodies are meant for. No a bird cannot be in love with a fish. Love is not merely a passion but an act of the will. Love is a uniquely human activity. One is not loving an animal either by having sex with it. One merely abusing it for pleasure. There is no can of worms because there is no such problem. You are making contentions based on a fantasy world that remains to be seen.

    From a logistic point of view once you draw an “ought” e.g. “illegality is supposed to . . .” You are still making a statement about what is right or what is wrong and therefore you have just contradicted yourself. What you are positing as wrong is that which causes danger to society.

    There would be not be as much difficulty enforcing this law as you claim since beastiality is not a normative action or passion of a human person and therefore would be a rare and obvious occasion to spot.

    Another thing I also realize is that saying something like about what are bodies are meant for and what is wrong are questions largely dismissed by society since it has moved away from the questions of efficient causality and final causality. However, as much as people try to avoid the questions it is something we can’t ignore Especially if we’re talking about laws Which are based ion the principles of what is right or wrong. Take those away and laws cannot stand on their own. They are then instead left at the mercy of majority opinion. If you’re okay with that then you would have been okay with Hitler taking over your country.

  3. I can’t find a single country where more than a handful of their laws are in any way based on some concept of “right” or “wrong” (using the terms as you are using them in your post). Nearly all of them are based on majority(power/influence not quanity) opinion of the culture solely at the time they are made. New laws generally only get made(ignoring non-civil law here in my statement) when something poses a real physically damaging threat to societal health in that jurisdiction, or rather to save face and embarssment by politicans when a handful of vocal militant housewives and frustrated control issues men pressure the local government to make a law. (Such as it being illegal for a woman to drive a car in Memphis TN unless its under 10mph and a man is infront of the car directing her.)

  4. As for the “love” thing. I can’t comment or reply to your opinion since its based on your own vague personal definitions rather than accepted defitions(of which there are about a dozen to several thousand depending on which language/culture). Homo Sapiens(and their sub and post species) are just another species of a mammal in the animal kingdom, they don’t have any particularly unique traits except perhaps their love of vocalizing their fondness of categorizing sensory imput/transmuted data. They also have a fairly uncommon trait Of rampent unwillingness to learn other species comunication languages :/

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