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Most Kangaroos Are Left Handed

Did you know that most kangaroos are left handed? As in southpaws like Rocky Balboa. OK, I know. They don't actually have hands, they have paws. But hands and paws aside, they do have a distinct favor for the left over the right. There's been a long-standing factoid circulating around ... Read More

Which Animal Has the Biggest Balls?

Which animal has the biggest balls? This question has two possible answers. One for the largest balls of all the animals, and one for the largest relative to body size. The reason that we have to look at this particular record this way is because even though one record is absolutely massive, ... Read More

Male Ostriches Can Roar Like a Lion

Male ostriches can roar like a lion. Now this roar that male ostriches make isn’t some form of bird imitation, like this swearing parrot, it’s a behavioural sound that comes naturally to them. And I might admit, it's a pretty cool sound to make. You may recall a few articles ... Read More

Why Can’t Cheetahs Roar

Did you know that Cheetahs can't roar? Despite all of the David Attenborough and National Geographic nature films, this is something that until now I was blissfully unaware of. Sure, I had seen them dozens of times on television, and even from time to time in zoos, but the fact ... Read More