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Why Does Corn Come out Whole in Our Poop

Admit it. You’ve all looked at corn in poop and wondered it yourself. Why does corn come out whole in our poop? Isn’t the body supposed to digest its food and not send it through unprocessed? Well the explanation is a fascinating, entertaining and a little disturbing and a tad bit disgusting. Well, I know it’s something that I’ve seen myself, and I can guarantee that anyone else who eats corn has seen as well. The day after a nice and satisfying meal you head off to the outhouse for a brief visit. You do your business and stare in wonder ... Read more

The First Time Vagina Was Mentioned in Film Was in a Disney Production

The first time the word vagina was mentioned in film was in a Disney production.We kid you not. But it had a purpose and makes total sense, in a way. Disney is probably better known for their family friendly movies. You know the kind, nice guy gets killed so son has to avenge his death, jealous woman seeks help from hitman to kill prettier woman, creepy old dude make toy that turns into a real boy. Those kind of family orientated movies. But let’s be realistic for a moment. Disney have also made other movies which are less family friendly, and ... Read more

The Testicle That Hangs Lowest Depends on Which Hand You Use

To steal a line from Monty Pythons, “and now for something completely different.” Did you know that the testicle that hangs lowest depends of which hand a person uses? Seriously! If you don’t believe me test it out yourself and be amazed. But, and I must stress this point, as with everything, there are alway some exceptions to the rules. So let’s take a deeper look at this fascinating tsticle fact. So facts about male sexual organs aren’t exactly a new thing on this site, as you can see with this post. And to be honest, we’ve touched this subject ... Read more

Blue M&m’s Can Can Give You Bright Blue Skin and May Heal Spinal Injuries

If ever there was a reason to eat blue M&M’s and possibly get blue skin, this has to be it. Even if just getting blue skin to freak out your friends and family wasn’t enough, it appears as though, after some surprising laboratory tests, blue M&M’s not only turn your skin blue, but also may be able to heal spinal injuries. So just how is this possible? They are only a sweet treat and hardly medicine. Well it all comes down to the color. If you’re like me you don’t really care about the color of the M&M’s that you eat. ... Read more

Mosquitoes Are Attracted to Pregnant Women

Did you know that mosquitoes are attracted to pregnant women? Sure, we’ve all been a snack of the deadly little insect from time to time, and even the most oblivious person would have observed that they do have a preference for some people over others. So you have to ask the question, why do they prefer some people over others, and specifically why are mosquitoes attracted to pregnant women? Along with some others, mosquitoes certainly are one of this world’s true vampires. While they seldom bleed an animal dry, they are still the deadliest creature on earth. This is because ... Read more

Saliva Contains a Painkiller 6 Times Stronger Than Morphine

In what can only be described as a major medical discovery, saliva contains a painkiller that is stronger than morphine, six times stronger, in fact. But what exactly makes a discovery like this so amazing, and if this happens to be the case, why are we able to feel pain at all? I mean, most people swallow their own saliva, shouldn’t that act as a painkiller on its own? Morphine is regarded as one of the strongest painkillers that can be used, but it has its problems. Aside from being potentially deadly, it’s also highly addictive. It’s use is generally ... Read more

Alexander the Great Had Two Different Eye Colors

One of the ancient world’s most powerful men, Alexander the Great, had two different eye colors. For a lot of people reading this right now, this might come as a bit of a surprise. Eyes are supposed to match, and different colors just isn’t possible, or is it? Well, it is, and it is a little more common than you might think. The condition that Alexander the Great had that gave him two different colored eyes is called heterochromia iridum. While it’s actually not all that common in humans, several household names have this condition. Kate Bosworth, Mila Kunis, Henry Cavill, Kiefer Sutherland and Wentworth ... Read more

Sunburn is Actually Radiation Burn

With the arrival of summer every year I always anticipate the day where I let my guard down when it comes to protection from the scorching sun. I mean, I’m usually pretty good when it comes to outdoor activities, but if I’m preoccupied with another task I can forget about protection, and I don’t mean protection of the condom kind. I’m talking about protection from the dangerous rays of the sun. Yep, that’s right. At least once every summer I will get burned from too much sun. But did you know that sunburn is actually radiation burn? Little did I ... Read more

More People Die from Prescription Drugs Than Illegal Drugs Each Year

In what is becoming a disturbing trend, more people die from prescription drugs than illegal drugs each year in the US. It may appear to be nothing other than a fictitious fabrication with little more purpose than to cause a stir on social media sites, but this is a true and worrying trend that really needs the attention of everyone, simply because it can affect anyone. One of the defining wars that governments all around the globe have been almost united against, is the war on drugs. The insidious death trade of narcotics have killed many people, and destroyed lives beyond those ... Read more

One Testicle Hangs Lower Than the Other So They Don’t Bang Together

So I will assume that you are already aware that one testicle hangs lower than the other, but do you know why? Some people might misguidedly think that there is an abnormality with the testes, or some other explanation for this appearance, such as genetic or even some kind weird disease. But the true reason that one testicle hangs lower than the other is much less exciting. It’s to stop them from banging against one another. As any man will testify, any blow, even a small blow to that particular region of the groin, can be excruciatingly painful. A small impact can ... Read more