Did Coca-cola Only Sell 25 Bottles in Their First Year

Did Coca-Cola only sell 25 bottles in their first year? This is a factoid that's often presented online as a motivational piece of history to show struggling businesses and individuals that success may be just around the corner. But how much of it is true? Did Coca-Cola only sell 25 bottles in their first year? Despite the ... Read More

Why Does Chocolate Go White?

Now for a question that has been bugging me, and quite possibly every chocolate lover around the world for quite some time. Why does chocolate go white? You know what I mean, right? What would appear to be a perfectly good chocolate bar while still contained in its wrapper turns out ... Read More

Bananas Are Radioactive

Most of us are taught to keep well clear of anything radioactive unless we have no choice but to expose ourselves to it. It's usually something that we really do try to avoid, but in some cases, such as fractures, we have no choice but to accept the exposure. But ... Read More