Fidel Castro Slept with 35,000 Women, or So He Claims

The former Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, claims to have slept with over 35,000 women. Now I don’t want to be one to judge, but that is a huge number, and somewhat dubious. Admittedly though, it’s not as big as this sex goal, but a massive number nonetheless. So let’s dig a little deeper. Before we move forward with this claim it must be pointed out that dictators aren’t exactly renowned for their honesty, need we say more (click here). And not only are they guilty of telling the odd tall story, they’re just a weird bunch of people and do ... Read more

Which Animal Has the Biggest Balls?

Which animal has the biggest balls? This question has two possible answers. One for the largest balls of all the animals, and one for the largest relative to body size. The reason that we have to look at this particular record this way is because even though one record is absolutely massive, by proportion the other is even more astounding, a litle like this animal with the biggest penis. Which animal has the biggest balls in comparison to its body size? The animal with the biggest testicles, when compared to its entire body, is a tiny little animal, an insect in fact ... Read more

10 Spectacular Animal World Records You Need to Know

Think of records and most people instantly think of human achievements. Who is the fastest from here to there, and who is the fastest a little further. The highest jumper and the furthest thrower of a spear, because if you cant throw accurately you might as well throw a long way. But what about animal world records? That’s right. We share this planet with a plethora of creatures, great and small. Among each of them they can create their own records. But what if it were a no holds barred contest between them? Well, this is where this list comes ... Read more

14 Unforgettable Records That You Will Not Believe

When it comes to amazing feats, sometimes there are unforgettable records that will stay with us for an eternity. From natural human achievements to weird natural phenomenons, the world never ceases to deliver some truly unforgettable records. 1 The Shortest Woman Ever Pauline Musters is on the left, Lucia Zarate is on the right   To begin our list of unforgettable records we will look at a disputed record. The shortest woman to ever live. In a lot of cases when it comes down to records in height and weight there is little reason for dispute. In a lot of ... Read more

The Biggest Family in the World Has 181 Members

Personally I think families are like alcohol. You need to know when to say enough is enough. Sure, both can be great in moderation, but too much of either and things can just get out of hand very quickly, and become messy. So just spare a moment to think about the biggest family in the world, whose members total a mind staggering, or numbing 181. Now if you are thinking that’s not too big for an extended family, it’s not that extended either. It only includes children, grandchildren, daughters-in-law, wives and one very silly man who is a glutton for punishment. ... Read more

Iran Made the World’s Biggest Ostrich Sandwich, but the Proof Was Eaten Before It Could Be Measured

Guinness World Record fail coming right up. Iran made the world’s biggest ostrich sandwich, but before it could be measured, it was eaten. I mean there are some pretty funny things that can happen when setting a record, but eating the evidence has to be one of the funniest things that I have ever heard of. It really does sound like it came out of the fiction section of the library, this really happened, and was extensively reported on at the time. Of all the countries in the world there are a few that I would not really think capable ... Read more

The Oldest Professional Athlete Was 104

John Whittemore competing at 104 Some people are purely inspirational, just like this person. John Whittemore has gone down in the record books as being the oldest professional athlete ever recorded. He set this amazing record when he participated in two track and field events just shy of his 105th birthday. It’s undoubtedly the dream of all athletes, amateurs and professionals, to set records. While no one actually goes into a sport with the desire for fame and fortune, winning, and setting a new record can be the icing on the cake. But for most athletes, setting a record is something that ... Read more

Youngest Mother on Record Was Only 5 Years 7 Months Old

Lina Medina, son Gerardo, and Dr. Gérado Lozada The youngest mother on record, Lina Medina, was only 5 years, seven months and 17 days old when she gave birth to a son weighing 6 pounds. This is by far one of the most disturbing facts that we have encountered, and I was initially skeptical. But it turns out that this was a true event. A disturbing one I’ll admit, even more disturbing than this one, but it did happen nonetheless. So how did this even happen to a child that had hardly even graduated preschool? Even the biology of it is hard to ... Read more

Veronica Seider is a Woman with 20 Times Better Vision Than an Average Person

How does your vision measure up? If you’re anything like me, it’s not very good at all. But one woman from Germany, Veronica Seider, has vision that is 20 times better than the average persons. If you’re wondering how good that is, it turns out that she can identify people from 1 mile (1.6 km) away. When it comes to vision, it’s not a fair playing field. What is considered prefect vision, 20/20, is actually a measure of how the normal average eye compares to your own eye. Some people can have better than average, but for a lot of ... Read more

3 Worst Sports Riots in History Ever

The top three worst sports riots in history. Sports. They’re generally something designed to bring joy to our world. But from time to time poor sportsmanship gets the better of many of us, and tempers flare. No one likes losing, and when it’s your favorite team, it’s even worse. Unfortunately though, some people seem to take the loss personally, and behave in a totally irrational and violent manner. When a lot of people with the same grudge at the result get together, a riot can take place, and they can be pretty bad. When it comes to the worst sports riots in ... Read more