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The First Time Vagina Was Mentioned in Film Was in a Disney Production

The first time the word vagina was mentioned in film was in a Disney production.We kid you not. But it had a purpose and makes total sense, in a way. Disney is probably better known for their family friendly movies. You know the kind, nice guy gets killed so son has to avenge his death, jealous woman seeks help from hitman to kill prettier woman, creepy old dude make toy that turns into a real boy. Those kind of family orientated movies. But let’s be realistic for a moment. Disney have also made other movies which are less family friendly, and ... Read more

Ron Jeremy Was a Special Education Teacher Before Going into Adult Entertainment (we All Know What That Is)

Would you believe that porn star Ron Jeremy was a special education teacher before making perhaps one of the most drastic of career changes? I know, it’s weird hey? It took me a little while to wrap my head around it to begin with. To be honest, I thought it was a myth. But it’s true. Now, if I were to ask you anything about Ron Jeremy I bet that most people would think of porn. For the uninitiated among us, Ron Jeremy is perhaps the best known porn star that has ever lived, surpassing that of even the most ... Read more

There’s a Type of Fungus That Can Give Women an Orgasm when Smelled

Forget buying your girl beautifully scented roses on your next date. There’s an odd-looking mushroom, ugly in just about all respects, that will make her night far more memorable. And no, we’re not talking about magic mushrooms here, although what they do is really magical. We are talking about a special type of fungus that can give female humans an orgasm just by smelling it. For a while when I first heard of this I was wondering if the fungus was sort of only embedded in stacks of one hundred dollar bills. I mean, that would certainly explain Hugh Hefner and ... Read more

One of the First People Executed in the American Colonies Was Executed for the Crime of Bestiality

One of the first, but not the first person executed in the colonies was a teenager who committed the crime of buggery. Now, for those who are not sure what buggery is we can inform you that the crime is more commonly known today as bestiality, although it isn’t exactly a crime in all states. In fact, it can even deliver some amusing penalties for the convicted, just like this one. Enough of that for now. How about we get a little more into this most unusual of executions. While many sources incorrectly attribute the first person executed in the ... Read more

Fidel Castro Slept with 35,000 Women, or So He Claims

The former Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, claims to have slept with over 35,000 women. Now I don’t want to be one to judge, but that is a huge number, and somewhat dubious. Admittedly though, it’s not as big as this sex goal, but a massive number nonetheless. So let’s dig a little deeper. Before we move forward with this claim it must be pointed out that dictators aren’t exactly renowned for their honesty, need we say more (click here). And not only are they guilty of telling the odd tall story, they’re just a weird bunch of people and do ... Read more

16 Totally Fascinating Sex Facts You Didn’t Know

NEXT PAGE Well, here’s a topic about something that nearly everyone loves. Sex. Be it in the bedroom or the kitchen (make sure you clean the benches), sex is a wonderful experience. But behind the scenes there’s a lot going on. So in honor of the marvelous experience we have put together a fascinating list of sex facts you didn’t know. 1 Regular Condoms Are Too Big For Most Indian Men Leading our list of sex facts you didn’t know is the unfortunate experience that a lot of men, especially in India experience. Incorrect condom sizes. I tried to make this ... Read more

12 Seriously Cool Penis Facts That Will Make You Look at Them Differently

NEXT PAGE When it comes to the piece of meat dangling between mens legs, there doesn’t seem to be all that much that you need to know about it. Most men seem to only be able to think with it, and it really does also seem to drive just about everything that men do. But reality aside, the dong is a pretty amazing thing, and there are a lot of penis facts that are very interesting. So why not take a comfortable position and read through our cool penis facts that will definitely make you look at them differently. We ... Read more

8 Sperm Facts That Are a Little Funky

8 Funky little sperm facts that you will be sure to remember. Sperm is as bountiful as men. Nearly every man on the planet has sperm, and every male animal that is still intact has sperm. It does sound a little gross, but these little guys are essential to human life. Without them no one would be here today, not even you. But despite their abundance, and seemingly smplicity, they are amazing little things. So lets kick off with 8 cool sperm facts, and one bonus disgusting real life story at the end. 1 Oral Sex Can Cure Morning Sickness Gordon ... Read more

Breast Facts: 8 Awesome and Cool Things You Will Love to Know

Alright, I think it’s time for one of my favorite subjects. Boobs. So I thought I would compile a list of breast facts, 8 awesome breast facts that I’m sure that you will love. If you are a man or a woman, I’m sure that there are some unusual things in this list that will surprise you. Now go forth and discover this list of breast facts: 8 awesome and cool things you will love to know. 1 Squeezing Breasts Could Prevent Cancer Study Finds Good news guys, squeezing breasts could prevent cancer. Is this the news men the world over have ... Read more

6 Funny Condom Facts

Welcome to our list of 6 weird, awkward and funny condom facts. We’re sure that by the time you have finished this list you will never look at them the same way again. 1 McDonalds Accidentally Distributed Condoms In Happy Meals This incident is almost comparable to the Walmart underwear mistake, except this was a pure accident. The events began to unfold when the condoms were intended to go to a school in Provincetown, Massachusetts when the school system recently established a rule that allowed them to be given to students of all ages. However, the meals were accidentally delivered to ... Read more