Unusual deaths

Unusual deaths throughout history. Under most circumstances death is something rather ordinary. But occassionally some people turn the most natural things a person can do into an art form by creating an unusual death.

10 Deadliest Theme Park Accidents

The ten deadliest theme park accidents in history. When it comes to theme parks and amusement rides we all know that there’s an element of risk involved. That’s part of the thrill. Even though there are plenty of safety features and procedures in place, sometimes the unthinkable happens. Here’s our list of the ten deadliest theme park accidents in history. 10 Water Slide at Waterworld USA – California, USA. June 2, 1997 – 1 Death 32 injured While there are plenty of tragedies at theme parks that claim one life, what sets this apart from those many sad events is the ... Read more

William the Conquerors Stomach Exploded

You may have seen our article about the unfortunate decomposition event, if we can call it that, of Henry VIII of England. But it would appear as though he was not the only king of England to have part of his anatomy explode. In fact, William the Conqueror’s stomach exploded too. William the Conqueror is best remembered for his invasion and conquest of England in 1066. He defeated King Harold at the Battle of Hastings, after the Anglo-Saxon king had only just defeated a Viking invasion to the north before quickly marching his forces south to face William. History might not ... Read more

One of the First People Executed in the American Colonies Was Executed for the Crime of Bestiality

One of the first, but not the first person executed in the colonies was a teenager who committed the crime of buggery. Now, for those who are not sure what buggery is we can inform you that the crime is more commonly known today as bestiality, although it isn’t exactly a crime in all states. In fact, it can even deliver some amusing penalties for the convicted, just like this one. Enough of that for now. How about we get a little more into this most unusual of executions. While many sources incorrectly attribute the first person executed in the ... Read more

Adolph Frederick of Sweden is Known As the King Who Ate Himself to Death

When it comes to death it’s an experience that all of us only ever get to experience once. Sure, some of us will get a dress rehearsal where we may come exceedingly close to death, or even be brought back from the Pearly Gates, or Purgatory, depending on how well behaved you have been. But even with these very close calls, death is something that every single one of us will only ever get to experience once. We can’t even share our experience with those that have been left behind. So seeing as it’s a once in a lifetime thing, ... Read more

Sunandha Kumariratana, the Queen of Thailand, Drowned While Her Subjects Watched Because They Were Forbidden to Touch Her

In 1880, Sunandha Kumariratana, the queen of Thailand, drowned helplessly as her able bodied subjects simply watched from safety. This surely has to be one of the oddest things for a person to do. It’s part of our basic instinct to help someone who is in imminent danger. Yet Sunandha Kumariratana, the queen of Thailand drowned. So why did her subjects sit back and watch her perish, knowing full well what was happening? Simple put, they feared for their own life. Over time we have become well aware of odd deaths throughout history. Some of them, such as poor Frank Hayes, defy belief. ... Read more

Attila the Hun Died of a Nosebleed

Of all of the ways in which to go, this would have to be one of the less ceremonial ways, especially for a ruler renowned for his leadership and ferocity. The scourge of Rome in the 5th century, Attila the Hun died of a nosebleed. This kind of reminds me of the episode in the Simpsons where Ralph is talking to Lisa. “The doctor told me I wouldn’t have so many nosebleeds if I just kept my finger out of there.” While this was the cause of the many nosebleeds of poor Ralph Wigum, and countless young children around the ... Read more

Isaac Newton May Have Died from Eating Mercury

Isaac Newton may have died from eating mercury. That’s right. One of histories greatest scientists may have met his end doing something that you would expect Ralph Wiggum to do. By putting something dangerous into his mouth, and eating it. While it may not have directly caused his death at a ripe old age, it would have contributed to it, and explained why he was so eccentric in later life. But why would a man of such great intelligence consume such a dangerous substance? Isaac Newton is best known for being the first to understand gravity, and for inventing calculus. ... Read more

Frank Hayes is the Only Dead Man to Win a Horse Race

Frank Hayes, a trainer and one time jockey, has gone down in history as being the only dead man to win a horse race. His first and only win as a jockey too I might add. It wasn’t just any horse race either, it was a steeplechase, the type of horse race that has jumps throughout it. So how is it that Frank Hayes, a dead man, could possibly win a horse race? The unconventional win took place on June 4, 1923, at Belmont Park in New York State. Frank Hayes was a 35 year old horse trainer, stableman and ... Read more

Pope Adrian Iv Death Was Caused by Choking on a Fly

Pope Adrian IV death was one of the most unusual deaths that you could possibly imagine. In a period where practically anything and everything wanted to kill you, his death stands out as one of the most peculiar of all Papal deaths. The reason for Pope Adrian IV odd death was that he died choking on a fly. Seriously, a fly. Everyone has swallowed a fly at some time, and not met their maker. Alright, when I first came across this fact I instantly thought of the old rhyme about the old lady that swallowed a fly. I’m thinking that ... Read more