Weather facts

11 Cool Weather Facts and Figures You’ll Want to Know

11 cool weather facts and figures that you will want to know, and might just blow your socks off. I think that we could all agree that the weather has good and bad points. From the beautiful and pristine days that we all enjoy, to the dank and cold dreary inclement weather that we have to endure, it has a lot in store for us. However, most of the time it is pretty consistent, and rarely throws us a curve ball. But when it does it can give us some simply spectacular weather facts and figures. 1 Both Celsius And Fahrenheit Meet ... Read more

How Much Do Clouds Weigh?

How much do clouds weigh? Simple enough question with a simple enough answer, right? It should be practically nothing, after all they are floating high up in the sky. But the answer is not as simple as many would believe, and they weigh a lot, a real lot. Clouds weigh so much in fact that it would take a hell of a lot of freight trains to equal the weight. All clouds contain water vapor. The most common type of cloud is the cumulus cloud. They are the ones that appear to be cotton like or puffy. These clouds rarely produce any ... Read more

The Smell After It’s Rained is a Mix of Plant Oils and Bacteria

Have you ever noticed a pleasant, clean smell after a rain storm? Especially if it’s a rain storm following a long period of dry weather? Some people notice it immediately, even detecting the scent before they have noticed water falling from the sky. Some people find it hard to detect, but it’s there. It leaves a pleasant, clean and earthly smell. Many say it smells good. However, did you know that the smell isn’t exactly caused by something clean. To be more precise, the smell after rain originates from bacteria, ozone and oil, amongst other things. When it has rained it is often the case to notice a strong, but ... Read more