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10 Deadliest Theme Park Accidents

The ten deadliest theme park accidents in history. When it comes to theme parks and amusement rides we all know that there’s an element of risk involved. That’s part of the thrill. Even though there are plenty of safety features and procedures in place, sometimes the unthinkable happens. Here’s our list of the ten deadliest theme park accidents in history. 10 Water Slide at Waterworld USA – California, USA. June 2, 1997 – 1 Death 32 injured While there are plenty of tragedies at theme parks that claim one life, what sets this apart from those many sad events is the ... Read more

15 Surprising Facts About the Most Ordinary Things

1 Super Glue Was Invented By Accident Taking the lead in our list of surprising facts about ordinary things is this surprising little fact about one of the most commonly used items in the house. Super glue was invented by accident! The amazing household glue that can be used for a multitude of uses, both good and evil, was discovered by accident when scientists at KODAK were trying to manufacture a clear plastic for use in precision gun sights during World War II. The scientists were experimenting with chemicals known as cyanoacrylates. The problem was that the chemicals kept sticking together ... Read more

22 Bizarrely Creepy Facts

1 The World’s Largest Frog, the Goliath Frog, is over 1 Foot in Length What better way to start our list of creepy facts than with this particular one. For those who suffer from Batrachophobia, which is a fear of amphibians such as frogs, this particular fact would be a nightmare come true. Unlike the world’s smallest frogs, this particular amphibian is on the opposite end of the scale. The world’s largest frog is a true monster. They have been known to measure up to 33 cm (13 inches) in length. That’s bibber than some cats and dogs!. If the length of ... Read more

21 Facts Nobody Needs to Know, but Want to Know

Time for a list of 21 facts nobody needs to know. 1 Buffalo Hump’s Real Name Was Po-cha-na-quar-hip (erection That Won’t Go Down) Leading our diverse list of facts nobody needs to know is what I would call a socially awkward name, or cruel parenting. Buffalo Hump, whose Comanche name was Po-cha-na-quar-hip, was a Comanche chief who rose to prominence in the mid 1800’s. He found his place in American history following the Council House Fight in 1840, where a group of unarmed Comanche ambassadors, under the truce of a white flag, were slaughtered by members of the Republic of Texas. This slaughter ... Read more

19 Odd but True Facts

1 The Gospel of Eve Promoted Free Sex I think it would be interesting to start our odd but true facts with a little known gospel. How well do you know the New Testament? There is a Gospel of Eve that is an almost entirely lost text from the New Testament apocrypha, which may be the same as the lost Gospel of Perfection. It is not part of the canonical Bible, and probably for a very good reason. This Gospel of Eve was used by some to justify free love. To be more precise, they used the Gospel of Eve ... Read more

14 Amazing Animal Facts You Won’t Believe

1 An Octopus’s Testicles Are Located in Its Head Taking the lead in our amazing animal facts is one of the world’s weirdest creatures. And there’s one feature that makes this animal so weird that it would probably make most people squirm. An octopus’s testicles are located in its head. But to be honest, an octopus is really only head and tentacles. Octopuses are part of the cephalopod family which literally means head-footed. So why are the octopus’s testicle located in its head? Behind the octopus’s head and opposite its arms lies its mantle. Inside the mantle are all of the octopus’s vital ... Read more

25 Bizarre Facts You Have to See to Believe

NEXT PAGE Well, here’s a list of 25 bizarre facts that a lot of people just won’t believe until they have read them for themselves. Surprise and inspire your friends with some totally useless information from these facts. From the quirky to the surreal, this list of bizarre facts is simply astounding. Now, begin your journey through our list and discover something new today. 1 Better Dead Than Red Was First Used By The Nazis Have you ever wondered who first said better dead than red? Well if you are a fan of the saying, and also have a deep seated hatred ... Read more

30 Crazy Animal Facts That Will Change the Way You Look at Animals Forever

NEXT PAGE When it comes to crazy animal facts, we have the best, and simply the greatest list that you will ever need. In fact, there is only one place that you need to look, right here of course. So what exactly is it that makes this list of crazy animal facts so great? Not many people will know all of them, until now. So go forth and discover the crazy and amazing animal kingdom. 1 The Origin Of The Word Gorilla Means Tribe Of Hairy Women Before we get to the origin of the meaning of gorilla and its unflattering ... Read more

11 Cool Weather Facts and Figures You’ll Want to Know

11 cool weather facts and figures that you will want to know, and might just blow your socks off. I think that we could all agree that the weather has good and bad points. From the beautiful and pristine days that we all enjoy, to the dank and cold dreary inclement weather that we have to endure, it has a lot in store for us. However, most of the time it is pretty consistent, and rarely throws us a curve ball. But when it does it can give us some simply spectacular weather facts and figures. 1 Both Celsius And Fahrenheit Meet ... Read more

15 Fun Entertainment Facts That Are out of This World

Entertainment. It’s one of those things that brightens out lives beyond comprehension. From sporting events through to comedy and horror films, the many different forms of entertainment provide our lives with momentary breaks from reality. But what about behind the scenes? Did you know that there are a lot of fun entertainment facts out there that many people simply don’t know about? It’s true. So as part of out effort to enlighten you with tidbits of information, here is our list of 15 fun entertainment facts. 1 Happy Days Was Originally Called New Family In Town Happy Days extremely popular sitcom from the 1970’s ... Read more