The Echidna Has a Four Headed Penis

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Echidna Four Headed Penis

This is not a joke. The echidna has a four headed penis. You’re probably thinking that this sin’t possible, but until recently very few people would have ever thought that there was a man with two penises, or that it was far more common than you would think. Now if you think that an echida having a four headed penis is pretty amazing, read on, because this wang will keep surprising you with many more secrets.

The amazing genitals of the male echida don’t end with a four headed penis. When it is erect, the penis extends to about a quarter the length of its body. While not exactly as long as the lake duck, it would put to shame the man with the biggest penis, Jonah Falcon. This unusually large penis, coupled with its four heads make the genitals of the male echidna one of the most fascinating, and weird of the animal kingdom.

So why does the echidna have a four headed penis?

Until fairly recently the scientific community were puzzled about this feature. There seemed to be no clear reason why they had four heads. After all, they don’t even use their anatomy for urination. The only time it emerges is when it becomes erect. It seems that this unusual sexual organ has to do with copulation and competition. A single female can be followed by as many as eleven males. When the penis is erect, it is near impossible for all four heads to fit inside the female. During studies it was found that only two of the penis heads were used during sex. When the male ejaculated, the sperm built up into bundle growths which aided in sperm competition, much the same way as with reptiles and rodents.

Here’s some more useless information about the echidna:

  • They are a Monotreme, which means they are an egg laying mammal.
  • The mother doesn’t have nipples, instead the baby licks the milk from glands
  • Like porcupines, they have thousands of quills covering their body
  • The diet consists mainly of ants and termites
  • Along with the platypus they are the only egg laying mammals
  • Contrary to popular belief, the testicles of the echidna aren’t located under their chin




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1 in 4 Americans Don't Know the Earth Orbits the Sun
Milhouse Van Houten's Name Is Unfortunate, His Middle Name Is Cruel

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