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Echidna Penis Has Four Heads

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Echidna Penis has four heads

The echidna penis must be one of the most unusual and fascinating sexual appendages in the animal kingdom. The reason for this is the odd way nature has designed it. Instead of just one shaft and one head, the echidna penis has one shaft and four heads. We kid you not, as you can see in this image and video below. If you think this is weird, wait until you hear how it works.

This is not a joke. The echidna has a four-headed penis. You’re probably thinking that this isn’t possible, but as you can see in this image, it’s undeniably true. And let’s face it. Until recently very few people would have ever thought that there was a man with two penises, or that it was far more common than you would think. Now if you think that an echidna having a four-headed penis is pretty amazing, read on, because this wang will keep surprising you with many more secrets.

The amazing genitals of the male echidna don’t end with a four-headed penis. When it is erect, the penis extends to about a quarter the length of its body. While not exactly as long as the lake duck, it would put to shame the man with the biggest penis, Jonah Falcon. This unusually large penis, coupled with its four heads make the genitals of the male echidna one of the most fascinating, and weird of the animal kingdom. But yeah, it gets weirder still.

Thanks to staff at Australia’s Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary we have learned even more about this most unusual organ. With the help of an overly exhibitionist echidna, staff discovered that they could get it to have an erection simply by pressing down on its belly. With further encouragement, they were then able to get it to ejaculate, which revealed even more peculiarities.

When an echidna ejaculates two of the heads close over. This results in the ejaculate heading out only two heads. This was the first time the ejaculation has ever been witnessed and recorded.

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