The First Time Vagina Was Mentioned in Film Was in a Disney Production

The First Time Vagina Was Mentioned In Film Was In A Disney Production

The first time the word vagina was mentioned in film was in a Disney production.We kid you not. But it had a purpose and makes total sense, in a way.

Disney is probably better known for their family friendly movies. You know the kind, nice guy gets killed so son has to avenge his death, jealous woman seeks help from hitman to kill prettier woman, creepy old dude make toy that turns into a real boy. Those kind of family orientated movies. But let’s be realistic for a moment. Disney have also made other movies which are less family friendly, and are rather well know. In fact it would be fair to say they are probably better known today for a total lack innovation and creativity than anything else (seemingly endless bludgeoning of Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Toy Story… The list could go on and on). But enough of my rant about milking the cash cow instead of creating something new. Why would Disney be the first to mention vagina on film, and why would they even consider doing it?

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