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Mayan Kings Pierced Their Penises in a Blood Offering to Their Gods


Well, I can think of probably a million things better to do to please a god than this. The Mayan kings used to pierce their penises in a blood offering to their gods. Of course, this would be as painful as it sounds, but their willies weren’t the only body parts that suffered for their devotion.

You have to hand it to the Mayans. They took worship of their deities to the next level. If a king piercing his penis wasn’t enough to please his gods, he could always inflict pain elsewhere on his body. This is a level of self flagellation that very few religions reach. Failing that, as we are mostly well aware, they could just rip the still beating heart out of some poor soul in a gruesome human sacrifice. But they aren’t the only culture that had what we would consider a weird custom. There’s the very unsavoury tradition in Papua New Guinea, the somewhat promiscuous shrine in Indonesia or even the macabre Ma’nene festivities in that same country.

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And THATS why their extinct!!

Allen Clardy

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