Orgasms Clear Congested Sinuses

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orgasms clear sinuses

Yippee, orgasms clear congested sinuses. This isn’t a weird claim to make it easier for you to try and score between the sheets, it’s a scientifically proven fact. So how can an orgasm possibly clear stuffy sinuses?

Stuffy sinuses. They’re one of my pet hates. I personally suffer from hay fever, so every spring my eyes turn into puffy, burning hot embers of itchiness, and my sinuses go berserk. They feel like they are swollen beyond all possibility, yet run like a river, a river of snot. But sufferers of hay fever are not the only ones to feel the punishment of sinuses run wild. Everyone who suffers a cold, flu or an allergy will no doubt suffer the terrible symptoms of blocked sinuses. When this happens, the first thing most of us do is head for a pharmacy to get some medication. Most medications to treat the conditions are either nasal decongestant sprays, or antihistamines, which block the production of histamines, which cause the sinuses to react so adversely. But what if I told you that there was a better, cheaper, and much more fun way to clear congested sinuses? Would you be willing to give it a try?

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Perhaps the simplest, and certainly most fun way to clear congested sinuses is by having an orgasm. Told you it was fun. It doesn’t necessarily need to be an orgasm through sexual intercourse, just any old orgasm. Even masturbation will give the desired results. But why does it work?

The simple answer is adrenaline. When you reach orgasm, the rush of adrenaline shrinks the tissues in your nose. When this shrinkage takes place the nasal passage opens more, clearing any congestion or blockage. If you have polyps in your nasal passage, an orgasm won’t clear that up, sorry.

So while there are conventional methods, such as medication, a more holistic, fun approach by having sex or masturbating to orgasm will clear congested sinuses with amazing, but temporary results.


orgasm sinuses


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