World leaders facts

Napoleon Was Attacked by Rabbits, and Lost

Napoleon Bonaparte was attacked by a pack of rabbits. No, don’t laugh, it actually happened. Not only was Napoleon attacked by rabbits, but it happened when he was the most powerful man in the world. But if you think the French president and general of the army being attacked by rabbits is funny, wait until you see how this encounter ended. The bunny rabbit. Cute, adorable, fluffy balls of cuddly fun, oh, and ever so delicious. Their reputation is more akin to a cuddly and harmless child’s teddy bear than a pack of Wild flesh-eating piranha. In fact, they are ... Read more

Fidel Castro Slept with 35,000 Women, or So He Claims

The former Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, claims to have slept with over 35,000 women. Now I don’t want to be one to judge, but that is a huge number, and somewhat dubious. Admittedly though, it’s not as big as this sex goal, but a massive number nonetheless. So let’s dig a little deeper. Before we move forward with this claim it must be pointed out that dictators aren’t exactly renowned for their honesty, need we say more (click here). And not only are they guilty of telling the odd tall story, they’re just a weird bunch of people and do ... Read more

It Appears Adolf Hitler Was Scared of the Dentist

It would appear that Adolf Hitler was scared of the dentist. Now, this isn’t exactly the most unusual of fears that people have. in fact a lot of people rank being scared of a dentist more terrifying than a certain eight-legged creature. If you think about it, it kind of makes sense. Although a dentist relieves dental pain, the only way that they can achieve this is by creating pain. This additional pain coupled with needles, of which a lot of people have a deep-seated phobia, and unusual devices that make an array of spine chilling sounds make dentists one ... Read more

Adolph Frederick of Sweden is Known As the King Who Ate Himself to Death

When it comes to death it’s an experience that all of us only ever get to experience once. Sure, some of us will get a dress rehearsal where we may come exceedingly close to death, or even be brought back from the Pearly Gates, or Purgatory, depending on how well behaved you have been. But even with these very close calls, death is something that every single one of us will only ever get to experience once. We can’t even share our experience with those that have been left behind. So seeing as it’s a once in a lifetime thing, ... Read more

Sunandha Kumariratana, the Queen of Thailand, Drowned While Her Subjects Watched Because They Were Forbidden to Touch Her

In 1880, Sunandha Kumariratana, the queen of Thailand, drowned helplessly as her able bodied subjects simply watched from safety. This surely has to be one of the oddest things for a person to do. It’s part of our basic instinct to help someone who is in imminent danger. Yet Sunandha Kumariratana, the queen of Thailand drowned. So why did her subjects sit back and watch her perish, knowing full well what was happening? Simple put, they feared for their own life. Over time we have become well aware of odd deaths throughout history. Some of them, such as poor Frank Hayes, defy belief. ... Read more

16 Little Known and Fun Presidential Facts

NEXT PAGE Would you lie to read some interesting and fun presidential facts that yo may not know? Well, you are at the right place. And to kick off we will bring you one of the more embarrassing moments for George Bush Snr. 1 George H. W. Bush Was Responsible For Coining the Japanese Phrase Bushusuru Have you ever heard of Bushu-suru? It came about thanks to President Bush, but not the one you are thinking of. Former US President George W. Bush will forever be associated with public gaffs and mixing his words and phrases up. But it appears he may ... Read more

The Allies Had a Plot to Give Hitler Estrogen

This little plan that was hatched during WWII comes right out of a Get Smart episode. I would say a James Bond film, but that franchise is far too serious for such a hairbrained scheme.  As it turns out, the Allies had a plot to secretly give Hitler estrogen. This was a serious plan that could have resulted in the Fuhrer developing a high pitched voice, breasts, baldness and possible episodes of crying in bed while eating ice cream and chocolates because his dream of an empire would never come to fruition. But the question beckons, why give Hitler estrogen instead ... Read more

Attila the Hun Died of a Nosebleed

Of all of the ways in which to go, this would have to be one of the less ceremonial ways, especially for a ruler renowned for his leadership and ferocity. The scourge of Rome in the 5th century, Attila the Hun died of a nosebleed. This kind of reminds me of the episode in the Simpsons where Ralph is talking to Lisa. “The doctor told me I wouldn’t have so many nosebleeds if I just kept my finger out of there.” While this was the cause of the many nosebleeds of poor Ralph Wigum, and countless young children around the ... Read more

Napoleon Bonaparte Had a Role in Canned Food Being Invented

Napoleon Bonaparte had a significant role to play in the invention of canned food. While the self appointed Emperor often affectionately called the Little Corporal by his soldiers may not have directly invented the system of preserving food, he had apart in it coming into fruition. Well let me start by saying that there is rarely a subject with so many differing points of view and opinion as there is with the invention of canned food. This too goes for the can opener, of which the food would remain eternally trapped inside without one. So what makes the chronological order in ... Read more

Hitler Wanted to Kill the Three Stooges

Adolf Hitler wanted to kill the Three Stooges. While it wouldn’t be completely unexpected to see the infamous German dictator wanting yet more people killed, this itself was a really unique wish. On one side there was a madman dictator who practically controlled all of Western Europe and seemed infinitely powerful, and on the other side were three slapstick comedians from America. Why would a nutcase like Hitler want the Three Stooges dead? As entertainers they hardly posed even a minimal risk to the might and power of the master race. Well, they may not have been a trio of ... Read more