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Pen Caps Cause 100 Deaths a Year

Oh my goodness. Pen caps cause 100 deaths a year. How could this be? One of the simplest and most inconspicuous items that can be found on the most common of office stationary, a pen cap, is incredibly dangerous, and even deadly. Well, it’s not really all that surprising at all, and given the number of people who court death on a daily basis, it’s surprising that pen caps only cause 100 deaths a year, and not many more. So why such a high number of tragedies? Pen caps can hardly be describes as the best thing to place into your ... Read more

Statistics Prove the Scariest Movie Ever Made in History is the Shining

What is the scariest movie ever made in history? You might have a personal favorite, but science has not only determined which horror film is king, but also the most spine chilling scene. Disappointingly the most terrifying scene isn’t a part of the most frightful film, but it is a part of one of the most horrifying films made to date. So which movie do you think will take out the top prize? Read on to discover the top scene, film, and how it was determined. When it comes to horror flicks it’s generally a situation of each to their ... Read more

Do Guys Prefer Blonde or Brunette Hair?

Do guys prefer blonde or brunette hair? What do you think? It’s an age old question that has left many wondering, and even more speculating which hair color men prefer. While the most common preconceptions point to those with blonde hair being the outright favorite, the reality is the complete reverse. That’s right, it appears as though guys prefer brunettes over blondes. In 1953 a movie starring Marilyn Munroe was released called Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Long story short, Munroe’s character is a blonde gold digger looking for a wealthy gentleman husband. Her travelling companion, a brunette, is a more down to earth ... Read more

How Much is a Buttload?

How much is a buttload? It’s a commonly used piece of slang used to insinuate that something is of large volume or bountiful, but surprisingly it is a real life measurement. It’s a common juvenile phrase that many of us throw about. Most people normally use the phrase when referring to money, as in “that’s a buttload of cash.” So now that you know that it is a real measurement, how much is a buttload? First of all, the term has absolutely no rude undertones, despite the inclusion of the word butt. It’s a word that descends from middle English ... Read more

Doctors Bad Handwriting Cause 7000 Death Every Year

Every year the poor handwriting of doctors is responsible for the deaths of 7000 people each year. As tragic as that sounds, it gets even worse, as that figure is only the tip of the iceberg for the trouble that sloppiness when it comes to penmanship is concerned. It might surprise you to learn that the very same disastrous handwriting results in around 1.5 million people suffering injury annually. And this is only in the United States. Doctors, despite their wealth of knowledge are not the best when it comes to handwriting. To be brutally honest, in the majority of cases ... Read more

A Woman, Ania Lewiska, Plans to Have Sex with 100,000 Men

image via Ania Lewiska, from Poland, plans to have sex with 100,000 men and set a new Guinness world record. That’s 100,000, as in one hundred thousand men. Could you just for a moment think about the logistics of such a feat? The time, expense and even the stickiness. Before we get too far into what could be best described as a disgusting world record attempt, let’s meet the girl herself. Ania Lewiska, at the time of writing this, is a young woman, around 22 years of age from Poland. In 2013 she was out one night with some ... Read more

How Many People Has Rambo Killed?

Rambo has been a popular and successful movie franchise. Initially released in 1982, the movie based upon a book has now spanned four movies. The first three were released during the 1980’s, with the last installment hitting the cinemas in 2008. Over the course of those four films Rambo has killed an immense number of people, but just how many people has Rambo killed? The numbers are frightening, and climb with every release. Total number of people killed in Rambo films. The total number of people killed in all Rambo films is a staggering 438. This includes both good and bad ... Read more

How Much Do Clouds Weigh?

How much do clouds weigh? Simple enough question with a simple enough answer, right? It should be practically nothing, after all they are floating high up in the sky. But the answer is not as simple as many would believe, and they weigh a lot, a real lot. Clouds weigh so much in fact that it would take a hell of a lot of freight trains to equal the weight. All clouds contain water vapor. The most common type of cloud is the cumulus cloud. They are the ones that appear to be cotton like or puffy. These clouds rarely produce any ... Read more

Bombs Dropped on Vietnam Compared to Ww2

Without a doubt the bloodiest conflict in history was WWII. More people lost their lives during that conflict, through battle, genocide, starvation and disease than any other war. Over six long years, in a conflict that spanned the world, massive amounts of bombs were dropped, and some cities absolutely destroyed. Compare that conflict to later ones, such as Vietnam. That theater of war was a localized one compared to WWII, mainly centered on Vietnam. But it was a long war, lasting over a decade. So it may come as a surprise to learn about the bombs dropped on Vietnam compared to ... Read more

The Energy Consumption of the Human Brain is About 20 Watts

The human brain is a fairly complex organ. It can best be described as the powerhouse of the body. It has allowed people to literally reach for the stars. Even though it is only about two percent of a persons weight, it consumes a hell of a lot more energy. To be as accurate as we possibly can be, the energy consumption of the human brain is about 20 percent of all the energy the body consumes. It translates into about 20 watts of energy, which is about the same as a household light globe. That’s right, the human brain ... Read more