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The Tenth Us President, John Tyler, Has Two Living Grandsons

When you think of the early US presidents, say the first 15 or so, most people would think that the closest living descendant would at best chance be a great grandchild, or great great grandchild. But what many people may be surprised to discover is that the tenth US president, John Tyler, has two living grandsons. What makes this so amazing? President John Tyler served from 1841 until 1845, and was 51 when he entered office. But this shouldn’t be too weird, especially considering how late the last civil war widow died. But it a remarkable record nonetheless. John Tyler is ... Read more

The Rates of Suicide for Women with Breast Implants Are Three Times Higher

This is a rather disturbing fact. There appears to be a disturbing correlation between breast implants and suicide rates. Oh boob jobs. They have given men with a lack of imagination something else to do with their minds for decades. And women who are as flat as a pool table, something to flaunt. But while they are pretty to look at, and can provide a lot of women with an increase in self confidence, the link between suicide rates and breast implants is a trend that warrants attention. Normally when you think about deaths from breast implants the first thing that ... Read more

1 in 4 Americans Don’t Know the Earth Orbits the Sun

Did you know that 26 percent of Americans don’t know that the Earth orbits the sun? As George Takei would say, Oh my. Have we been somehow magically transported back into the dark ages? After all, it was Renaissance  astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus who popularized the theory of a heliocentric solar system (where the planets revolve around the sun), and Galileo Galilei who faced the Roman inquisition for promoting the view (he was finally cleared by Pope John Paul II in 1992). Lets hope this is not the case, although it’s not the first time that many Americans got some basic astronomy wrong, ... Read more

How Many Quills Does a Porcupine Have?

Have you ever wondered to yourself how many quills does a porcupine have? Well, it’s a lot. To be precise, the average porcupine has around 30,000 spikes on their back, sides and tail. But did you also know that the porcupine spikes are actually made from hair? The porcupines spikes, otherwise known as quills are really hair. They can be both hollow and solid. Normally the quills will lay down flat on the animal, but when provoked to defend themselves, they will raise them up and plunge them into their attacker. The normal form of defence from a porcupine is ... Read more

The Total Weight of Ants on Earth is About the Same As the Total Weight of Humans

Would you believe that the total weight of ants is the same as humans on Earth? Hold on one moment please. Did we just say that the weight of ants is the same as humans on Earth? This can’t be possible, or can it? Ants are a mere fraction of our size after all, but when added up, the total weight of all the ants is roughly equal to the total weight of all humans on Earth. We will explain the amazing coincidence below. Aren’t ants wonderful creatures? Though they are the bane of picnickers the world over, normally there is very little ... Read more

How Long Was Bill Murray Stuck in Groundhog Day?

How long was Bill Murray stuck in Groundhog day, his character Phil Connors that it? It’s going to surprise you because it was a very long time, in fact it was much longer than even the director Harold Ramis thought. He was there for nearly 34 years. Read on to find out how this was worked out. Every year on February 2 the town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, U.S. celebrate Groundhog Day. The people in the town, and many visitors as well, will gather to watch a groundhog emerge from its burrow. According to folklore, if it is cloudy when he emerge spring ... Read more

10 Piece Chicken Mcnuggets Box Has 11 Nuggets

The picture of the 10 piece Chicken McNugget box from McDonalds has 11 Chicken McNuggets on it. Count them for yourself on the box above. However… As pointed out by a commenter, the two nuggets in the lower left corner of the stack are actually just one nugget that has been cut in half. If you look closely you can see that it is a straight cut line. There is, I’m assuming, chicken flesh visible on both pieces. So this begs the question, why would McDonalds cut a nugget clean in half, making the ten piece chicken McNugget meal appear ... Read more

What is a Jiffy, and How Long is a Jiffy?

Have you ever heard someone say I’ll be back in a jiffy, or it will only take a jiffy? We’ve all heard it from time to time, but what is a jiffy? It sounds like it is a piece of confectionery, but people use the word as if it’s a unit of measurement. Well I can tell you that a jiffy is a measure of time. But just how long is a jiffy? Unlike most other measurements of time such as seconds and minutes for example, a jiffy has different measurements depending on its use, just to make it a ... Read more

How Many People Have Lived on Earth

Have you ever wondered how many people have lived on Earth and if the number of dead outnumber that of the living? When Arthur C Clarke wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey in 1968 he included this sentence, “Behind every man now alive stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living.”  This may seem amazing, but at the time of writing his book he was actually correct. But the population has clearly risen since 1968 and many more people have died also, so where do we stand today? Using some creative mathematics the approximate number ... Read more

Maximum Facebook Characters Limit on a Status Has a Nerdy Origin

Do you know what the limits are for the maximum Facebook characters are? It’s a huge number, especially when compared to Twitter, and the reason is really a rather nerdy one. Limits. Ugh. We all hate them, and always want to exceed them. Sometimes though there are barriers that prevent us from going past the limits. Now I’m not one to say never, or it can’t be done. The moment someone says that it can’t be done I usually say “no, i shouldn’t be done or it’s just difficult to do.” That’s the dilemma faced by many social media users, ... Read more