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In 1911 Pigtails Were Banned in China

Looking back at past perceptions of Chinese people one of the most recognizable features was that of a person in a pigtail. This image can be seen in many movies, television shows and cartoons throughout the twentieth century. I don’t know how many times I saw a cartoon character manage to dig through the center of the earth to find themselves in China confronted by a man in a straw hat with a goatee and pigtail. It was an image that many generations grew up recognizing. But the remarkable thing is that in 1911 pigtails were banned in China. So ... Read more

The Melody for the Star Spangled Banner Came from a Drinking Song

When it comes to national anthems, the tune, words and history instill pride in the countrymen and women who not only sing them, but also listen in. Even if the song isn;t from your own country, it’s something that you will listen in on and pay respect to. However, there are a few anthems from around the world that are well known outside of the nation of which they reside. Two of the most prominent ones are the British national anthem, God Save the Queen, and the US national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, which are almost instantly recognized in ... Read more

Colgate in Spanish Translates to Go Hang Yourself, and Caused Trouble when They Tried to Market It

Wait just one God damn minute. Colgate in Spanish translates into “go hang yourself,” like really? In a bizarre twist in the world of translations this is actually the case, but not always, and we will explain. Most of us are familiar with poorly translated directions or instructions. Under most circumstances these mix ups between languages are accidental, and a cause for great enjoyment at the translators expense. But every now and then a translation comes along that was not accidental at all, and means something completely different. This is the case with Colgate which translates into Spanish as go hang ... Read more

Iran Made the World’s Biggest Ostrich Sandwich, but the Proof Was Eaten Before It Could Be Measured

Guinness World Record fail coming right up. Iran made the world’s biggest ostrich sandwich, but before it could be measured, it was eaten. I mean there are some pretty funny things that can happen when setting a record, but eating the evidence has to be one of the funniest things that I have ever heard of. It really does sound like it came out of the fiction section of the library, this really happened, and was extensively reported on at the time. Of all the countries in the world there are a few that I would not really think capable ... Read more

There’s an Incredible Red Beach in Panjin, China

You seriously have to love mother nature. From the stunning sunrises, through to the marvelous landscapes and on to the glorious sunsets, it sure knows how to put on a superb show. It’s just a grand old world to live in, and if the creatures that surround us fail to get our attention, we can always take in the beauty of the landscape. There are glorious canyons, baron yet beautiful deserts, and wonderful ski slopes. But without a doubt, when it comes to picturesque scenery, it’s the ones with water that capture our attention. And with good reason. Water means life, ... Read more

England Banned Christmas in 1647

I have only one phrase to describe this action. Bah humbug. England banned Christmas in 1647! That’s right, a Christian country which was under the rule of possibly the most puritan leadership that the country has ever experienced, banned one of the most holy days on the Christian calendar. What was their deal? Were they secretly plotting against the church, or were they just a bunch of no fun kill joys? On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me… We all know the Christmas jingle (search YouTube for the Irish 12 days of Christmas), and it really ... Read more

Baby Walkers Are Banned in Canada

Only in Canada, eh. Baby walkers are banned in Canada. Seriously, they really are. Not only are they banned, but the penalties for owning and the sale and distribution of them are severely harsh, even for private homes, lawn sales and flea markets. But the ban got me thinking. Why are baby walkers banned in Canada? They are used the world over, and babies certainly enjoy using them. They don’t look all that criminal, and they certainly aren’t addictive. I even used them for my own children, which I guess makes me relieved that I’m not Canadian. If you don’t know what ... Read more

There’s an Island in India That Kills Visitors

Image courtesy Indian Coast Guard Jeepers creepers, this looks like it comes straight out of a 1970’s horror movie. Would you believe that there’s an island in India that kills visitors when they arrive? This terrifying island isn’t exactly overpopulated, or the number one tourist destination on all travel agents websites. Yet is one of the most frightening, and unforgivable places that you could possibly find yourself. North Sentinel Island is the destination that you must avoid if you value your life. Located in the Bay of Bengal, its inhabitants can be best described as less than welcoming. In fact, just ... Read more

Da Jesus Book is the Hawaiian Pidgin English Bible Translation

So I’m personally not that familiar with the Bible. It’s not that I find the whole idea of a God disturbing, or a subject that I’d rather avoid, it’s just if I was going to read a book I’d really prefer it to be something a little more entertaining. And this is where this translation enters the fray. The Hawaiian pidgin English bible translation is something that I wasn’t really expecting to see. Even the title, Da Jesus Book, lends itself to coolness that the regular translation fails to meet. To be honest, Da Jesus book has to be the best ... Read more

There’s a South African National Cleavage Day

All hail South Africa. Why? Well there’s a South African national cleavage day. It’s true, and sounds fun… Aah, I mean interesting and insightful. But why is there a national cleavage day in South African ? It is a pretty sexist thing to hold, and you don’t see anyone proclaiming a day to celebrate penises. Oh wait a minute, I forgot that there is one. But first thing first, we really have to ascertain if this is fact or fiction, after all, it’s really an odd thing for a country to celebrate. Even though we have come across some traditions ... Read more