Sex facts

The Beatles Watched George Harrison Lose His Virginity, then Applauded

We all remember our first time having sex. For most of us the experience doesn’t always live up to expectation, and can leave us disappointed. A lot of the disappointment is due to inexperience, not knowing what to expect, nerves and a feeling of under performing. A lot of the time the second, and subsequent experiences more than make up for the first time blues. So imagine for a moment what it was like for one of the biggest stars in the world at the time to lose his virginity. We’re talking about Beatle George Harrison, who lost his virginity in ... Read more

Orgasms Clear Congested Sinuses

Yippee, orgasms clear congested sinuses. This isn’t a weird claim to make it easier for you to try and score between the sheets, it’s a scientifically proven fact. So how can an orgasm possibly clear stuffy sinuses? Stuffy sinuses. They’re one of my pet hates. I personally suffer from hay fever, so every spring my eyes turn into puffy, burning hot embers of itchiness, and my sinuses go berserk. They feel like they are swollen beyond all possibility, yet run like a river, a river of snot. But sufferers of hay fever are not the only ones to feel the ... Read more

The First Porn Movie Ever Made Was in 1896

The world’s first porn movie ever made was a seven minute French film in which a woman performs a striptease (she wouldn’t have earned as much as these strippers) in the bathroom, gets bathed, and then gets dressed again. The movie was called “Le Coucher de la Mariée.” You can watch what remains of the video here (it’s not that explicit). That same year a film of a belly dancer was released on a kinetoscope. Not that explicit, I’ll admit, but it became the first film to face the censors, and be banned. Because we all know how much fun ... Read more

The World’s Fattest Pole Dancer is 252 Pounds (114kg)

As Marty McFly would say, this is heavy. The world’s fattest pole dancer tips the scales at a mind bending, or is it pole bending, 252 pounds (114kg). LuAyne Brown, the 29 year old mother of two from Maryland is a size 22. That’s typically twice the size and weight of a typical pole dancer. So why is it that LuAyne Brown decided to become the world’s fattest pole dancer? So here’s what we know about dancing on a pole. Most men love and appreciate the figure of a woman gyrating their body around a vertical pole, provided it isn’t their own daughter. ... Read more

Porn Star Sunny Lane is Managed by Her Parents

OMFG is this an odd and awkward one. Porn star Sunny Lane’s career is managed by her parents! No kidding, this is as messed up as it sounds. Personally I think that this is a step too far. Not only would they see their adult daughter naked, but they would also see her cavorting with multiple partners, engaging in all kinds of different sexual acts for the camera. Why is it that Sunny Lane’s parents manage her porn career? Are they the typical helicopter parents, circling her every move, are they just looking for a piece of the limelight, or ... Read more

The Dildo Was Invented 25,000 Years Before the Wheel, Not 15,000 As is Often Stated

Have you ever come across a factoid claiming that the dildo was invented 15000 years before the wheel? At first sight it would appear to be nothing more than a made up piece of nonsense designed to go viral. Honestly, there’s nothing better than having some piece of total claptrap that you fabricated fooling just about the entire world. Before long it becomes accepted as being the unadulterated truth. Well I can tell you that this statement, the dildo was invented 15000 years before the wheel, is partly incorrect. It would appear that someone who sent this off around the world failed ... Read more

Albert Einstein Was Such a Womanizer He Would Wear a Silk Robe to Flash Women

The man who is regarded as the epitome of intelligence, Albert Einstein had a soft spot for women. A real soft spot it turns out. But was Albert Einstein a womanizer? History would say yes, and there was one thing that he did in particular that exhibited this trait so effectively. Even though the man was without a doubt brilliant, he was still human, and as susceptible to human flaws as everyone else is. While being a womanizer, as Einstein was, is no real flaw, it encapsulates another side of a man that is held in such high regard the world ... Read more

It’s Illegal to Own 6 or More Dildos in Texas

If visiting Texas it might be helpful to know that it is illegal to own six or more dildos while in Texas. This is a serious law, with severe consequences if broken. But it does raise more than just the one odd question. Like who would need more than one dildo, how do they enforce the law, and why is it even illegal to own six or more dildos when in Texas? Before we proceed into this particular fact, we must state that it is not a sexist one. That is, it doesn’t target any particular sex at all. Both ... Read more

Wikipedia Was Funded with Money from the Bomis Porn Site

Yep, you read that right. Wikipedia, the undisputed king of free information was funded by a porn site called Bomis. It seems almost completely unfathomable that such a useful site could be created with money from such a questionable source, but that was exactly what happened at the turn of the 21st century. The link between Wikipedia and Bomis started in 1996. At that time you may recall that there was no Wikipedia at all. In fact, there weren’t really any significantly powerful or useful sites at the time. Sure, a few did exist, but the internet was not the jungle that ... Read more

Jackie Chan Starred in a Porn Movie and It Was His Only Movie Without Any Violence or Stunts

Jackie Chan starring in porn film, All in the Family in 1975 Martial arts action star, Jackie Chan, starred in a porn movie in 1975. Not only was he in a porn movie, but it remains to this day the only movie he has ever been involved with that doesn’t include a fight scene or a stunt sequence. We know that Jackie Chan is famous for performing his own stunts, and it’s not uncommon for actors to simulate sex scenes in their movies, but porn is a whole different ball game. In porn it’s the real thing in front of a ... Read more