Nancy Wake, the White Mouse, Was the Most Wanted Person in Nazi Germany

Throughout the course of the most violent conflict in history, one of the most wanted people in the world was a pretty 32 year old woman, Nancy Wake, known to the Gestapo as the White Mouse. She was regarded by the Gestapo as one of the most dangerous people in occupied Europe. She was brave, brash, flirtatious and ruthless. The White Mouse was a New Zealand born, Australian, French Resistance fighter. Yeah, I know that sounds a little confusing, but it does make sense. Nancy Wake, who would become the White Mouse, was born in Wellington New Zealand. When she ... Read more

Monopoly Games for Pow’s Had Hidden Escape Maps in Wwii

Clever. The Allies hid escape maps in Monopoly games for POW’s to use, along with other useful tools. During the course of WWII many allied prisoners of war spent time in German prisoner camps. Though life was far from easy, the captors of the POW’s allowed the families and relief organisations to deliver special care packages to the internees. One of the inclusions in the POW care package was the popular board game, Monopoly. Hidden inside the game were special tool to aid a successful escape. The reason board games and playing cards were permitted inside POW camps was because boredom ... Read more

Salon Kitty Was a Brothel Ran by the Ss in Germany to Gather Intelligence

Intelligence gathering by countries is an age old practice. The mere thought of spies conjures up thoughts of dark and mysterious men in trench coats rummaging through secret documents. But this is not always the case, and other methods are often used. In modern times we have been alerted to intelligence gathering methods used by governments. It’s more often than not collected by digital means and electronic surveillance. Today’s technology however hasn’t always been with us, and in time gone by other methods had to be employed. One such unusual method for collecting sensitive information was deployed in NAZI Germany. The ... Read more

Bombs Dropped on Vietnam Compared to Ww2

Without a doubt the bloodiest conflict in history was WWII. More people lost their lives during that conflict, through battle, genocide, starvation and disease than any other war. Over six long years, in a conflict that spanned the world, massive amounts of bombs were dropped, and some cities absolutely destroyed. Compare that conflict to later ones, such as Vietnam. That theater of war was a localized one compared to WWII, mainly centered on Vietnam. But it was a long war, lasting over a decade. So it may come as a surprise to learn about the bombs dropped on Vietnam compared to ... Read more