Weird facts

Urea is Found in Cigarettes

If you needed another reason to quit the nasty habit of smoking perhaps this is it. Urea is found in cigarettes. Well, it’s not actually found in cigarettes. Saying that it is found would be like saying that it was either lost in them or somehow lurking about like an undiscovered piece of landscape. You can’t really say something can be found if you know that they have been placed there in the first place. Yes, that’s right. Not only is urea found in cigarettes, it has been placed there on purpose. But why? For those who are wondering what the ... Read more

There’s a Type of Fungus That Can Give Women an Orgasm when Smelled

Forget buying your girl beautifully scented roses on your next date. There’s an odd-looking mushroom, ugly in just about all respects, that will make her night far more memorable. And no, we’re not talking about magic mushrooms here, although what they do is really magical. We are talking about a special type of fungus that can give female humans an orgasm just by smelling it. For a while when I first heard of this I was wondering if the fungus was sort of only embedded in stacks of one hundred dollar bills. I mean, that would certainly explain Hugh Hefner and ... Read more

21 Facts Nobody Needs to Know, but Want to Know

Time for a list of 21 facts nobody needs to know. 1 Buffalo Hump’s Real Name Was Po-cha-na-quar-hip (erection That Won’t Go Down) Leading our diverse list of facts nobody needs to know is what I would call a socially awkward name, or cruel parenting. Buffalo Hump, whose Comanche name was Po-cha-na-quar-hip, was a Comanche chief who rose to prominence in the mid 1800’s. He found his place in American history following the Council House Fight in 1840, where a group of unarmed Comanche ambassadors, under the truce of a white flag, were slaughtered by members of the Republic of Texas. This slaughter ... Read more

19 Odd but True Facts

1 The Gospel of Eve Promoted Free Sex I think it would be interesting to start our odd but true facts with a little known gospel. How well do you know the New Testament? There is a Gospel of Eve that is an almost entirely lost text from the New Testament apocrypha, which may be the same as the lost Gospel of Perfection. It is not part of the canonical Bible, and probably for a very good reason. This Gospel of Eve was used by some to justify free love. To be more precise, they used the Gospel of Eve ... Read more

25 Bizarre Facts You Have to See to Believe

NEXT PAGE Well, here’s a list of 25 bizarre facts that a lot of people just won’t believe until they have read them for themselves. Surprise and inspire your friends with some totally useless information from these facts. From the quirky to the surreal, this list of bizarre facts is simply astounding. Now, begin your journey through our list and discover something new today. 1 Better Dead Than Red Was First Used By The Nazis Have you ever wondered who first said better dead than red? Well if you are a fan of the saying, and also have a deep seated hatred ... Read more

20 Ridiculous but True Facts No One Will Believe

NEXT PAGE Do you want ot look like the one with all of the weird answers at a party? Well this list is for you. We have 20 ridiculous but true facts that you won’t believe. In fact, no one will believe you when you tell them. 1 Gladiator Matches Had Referees Starting our list of ridiculous but true facts is one little known one about gladiator matches. Amid the brutality and carnage of gladiatorial combat there was actually a referee, and an assistant for the referee, to control the battle. It seems hard to fathom from what we have been shown on ... Read more

9 Weird Things People Do or Have Been Forced to Do

Have you ever looked at someone doing something and it is so stupid or weird that it gives you Forest Whitaker eye? With an ever growing population the chances of seeing something utterly unusual grow every day. So instead of relaying a list of things that have happened recently, we decided to make a list of weird things people do, have done, or have been forced to do. As we have said, this list isn’t about recent stupidity. Our goal is to show that people have been capable of doing stupid things for a very long time. 1 People Asked The Coast ... Read more

12 Million Americans Think That Reptilian Aliens Run Our Government

Congress in the United States always seems to have a very low approval rating, but did you know that it’s not just democrats and republicans that the good people of the US are afraid of? According to a recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) and released by The Wire twelve million people think that alien reptilians have infiltrated our Government and are gaining power to take over the world. They are supposedly an evil alien race that can shape-shift into human form in order to gain the power they need to enslave the human race according to leading ... Read more

Seals Rape Penguins and Eat Them

Seals eat penguins after raping them (video below). And no, we’re not talking about Navy seals pursuing women of God, we’re talking about the antarctic animal. In what was at first considered to be a one off occurrence, and not something pandemic throughout the seal community, it has recently been shown to be a somewhat widespread problem. So what exactly is happening in the frigid environment of Antarctica? Animals can be real pricks, and as sexually twisted as any person. There are of course the awkwardly horny elephants, or even the sick bastards of the bird kingdom, the mallard ducks. It ... Read more

Galileo’s Middle Finger is on Display in Florence

In what could be considered a proverbial “screw you” to the Catholic Church, the long dead, amputated middle finger of Galileo is on display in a museum in Florence, Italy. The macabre display of the solitary digit protruding skyward, as if it is pointing towards the heavens, is one of the more bizarre artifacts that you will encounter in a scientific display. So how is it that Galileo’s middle finger, the father of modern science’s middle finger at that, became a display piece at the Florence History of Science Museum for wide eyed gawkers to wonder over? Anyone who has studied even the most rudimentary ... Read more