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Piggy Banks Get Their Name from Clay

I still recall the very first piggy bank that I ever got. It was a cheap little plastic container shaped like a pig that I could put a few cents into from time to time. As I grew up, it filled up, and before long I could spend the money that I had managed to save. But as we do, I lost mine, and had to get a new one, which meant that I had to spend some of the money that I had saved. Luckily enough for me, my school teacher at the time got us to make a ... Read more

Mortgage Translates to Death Contract

I knew the banks were evil and I couldn’t trust them, but I bet most of you already knew that. However, right now I have an even deeper distrust of them, and it’s all because of a little discovery I made about a very common type of long term transaction that they offer. What was my discovery? In short, mortgage translates to death contract. Yeah, I know right. Not only does it feel like they are sucking the very life out of you, the name even suggests it. But why such a gruesome translation? Don’t you just love the English language? ... Read more

Shakespeare’s Clay Pipe Showed Evidence of Crack, Weed and Acid

Well this explains a lot. All those years struggling to comprehend his messed up tragedies, unfunny comedies and complex dialogue suddenly makes perfect sense. It seems entirely possible that the reason for his plays, which are a favorite for evil literary and English teachers the world over, were so complex is because he may have been as high as a kite. What makes us say that? Shakespeare’s clay pipe contained evidence of weed, crack and even acid. Whoa, hold up one minute. Are we really suggesting that because Shakespeare’s clay pipe contained traces of weed, acid and crack that he ... Read more

Da Jesus Book is the Hawaiian Pidgin English Bible Translation

So I’m personally not that familiar with the Bible. It’s not that I find the whole idea of a God disturbing, or a subject that I’d rather avoid, it’s just if I was going to read a book I’d really prefer it to be something a little more entertaining. And this is where this translation enters the fray. The Hawaiian pidgin English bible translation is something that I wasn’t really expecting to see. Even the title, Da Jesus Book, lends itself to coolness that the regular translation fails to meet. To be honest, Da Jesus book has to be the best ... Read more

Real Pronunciation of Dr Seuss, Most Get It Wrong

Dr Seuss is a gentleman who needs no introduction. He is one of the most well known children’s authors and cartoonists that has ever lived. Although his rise to fame was a difficult one, nevertheless he succeeded, and we can all be thankful for that. But without a doubt, the most difficult part of this once in a lifetime character is his name. It looks simple enough at first sight, but truth be known, we are pronouncing it wrong. So would you like to know the real pronunciation of Dr Seuss? Before we get to how to sound out his name, ... Read more

Superman Was Inspired by Moses, Not Jesus

Superman was inspired by Moses. You know the guy, he’s the one from the Bible that parted the sea fleeing the Egyptians and collected the Ten Commandments. Sure, the Bible certainly makes him out to be the all round good guy, freeing an enslaved people and acting as a moral compass for the rest of us, but how could he be considered a superhero? The last time I checked he didn’t perform any superhuman feats, well, apart from that sea thing, the plagues in Egypt, and a few others. Alright, they’re pretty special, but could he fly or stop a bullet? ... Read more

The Oxford English Dictionary Was Largely Written by a Murderer from a Mental Institution

The Oxford English Dictionary was mostly written by a murderer who cut off his own penis and spent a lot of his time in a mental institution. This certainly detracts from the image that I always had of a rather boring, reclusive professor who had nothing better to do than to think of every known word in the English language and its meaning. But while the image that you are probably thinking of right now is of a Jack the Ripper mixed with a Dr Jekyll style of killer, this man who helped our society develop in many ways was ... Read more

Why Did the Tin Man Want a Heart? the Morbid Story

So why did the Tin Man want a heart? Once you get through this you will realize that it’s one of the most messed up characters in juvenile fiction ever. Not because he was a shinny guy, but because of the bizzarre circumstances surrounding his creation. I do suppose thought that the logical answer to the question is because he is a hollow man made out of tin, and lacks the physical beating, thumping organ that is essential for human life, and as he believes it to be, love. But did you know that there is a dark, rather sinister story of ... Read more

Winnie the Pooh’s Real Name is Edward Bear

Winnie the Pooh’s real name is Edward Bear. Though it’s probably something that most people are unfamiliar with, he was named after the real Christopher Robin’s (that’s right, there was a real life Christopher Robin) teddy bear. But surprisingly, just as with the fictional character of the books and cartoon series, the teddy bear also had a nickname, Winnie the Pooh. So let’s take a better look at Winnie the Pooh’s real name, and discover why and how he earned the nickname of Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh, both the cartoons and books, were the work of author A. A. Milne. ... Read more

Origin of the Word Soccer

What is the origin of the word soccer? I know that this is a touchy term to use, especially for the purists of the game, but you may be surprised to discover that it was actually the original term for the world game. That’s right. The origin of the word soccer predated the singular word of football, and by quite a few years too. How many football fans around the world become infuriated when Americans and others call football soccer? It’s almost as if they are speaking another language, and degrading the game by incorrectly pronouncing football. If you are ... Read more