World and climate facts

There’s an Incredible Red Beach in Panjin, China

You seriously have to love mother nature. From the stunning sunrises, through to the marvelous landscapes and on to the glorious sunsets, it sure knows how to put on a superb show. It’s just a grand old world to live in, and if the creatures that surround us fail to get our attention, we can always take in the beauty of the landscape. There are glorious canyons, baron yet beautiful deserts, and wonderful ski slopes. But without a doubt, when it comes to picturesque scenery, it’s the ones with water that capture our attention. And with good reason. Water means life, ... Read more

The Black Rose of Halfeti is So Rare It Only Grows in One Region of Turkey

The black rose of Halfeti is a flower that is often mentioned, yet rarely seen. In fact, if you were to see one bloom you would have to be in Halfeti, Turkey, the only place in the world that they grow. It’s for this reason that they are often called the Halfeti Rose. Roses. Women love them and men love to spend a small fortune buying them in the hope of being romantic. Apart from their devilishly sharp thorns, designed for the sole purpose to torture the hopeless romantic in every man, they are a beautiful sight with their common reds,whites ... Read more

Coldest Known Place in the Universe is Technically on Earth

The coldest known place in the universe is on Earth, technically that is. While this certainly comes as a surprise, especially considering how temperate much of the globe can be, this itself doesn’t constitute a natural coolness. That’s right, we faked it, but how is the coldest known place in the universe on Earth? Alright, here’s what we know so far, and considering the vast size of the universe it really isn’t that much. We know that the absolute minimum the temperature can reach is −273.15° Celsius (−459.67° Fahrenheit), otherwise known as absolute zero. That’s a really really cold temperature, and most ... Read more

Deepest Hole Dug by Hand

You better get your shovel and pick ready, because you are about to discover the biggest hole dug by hand, and you will be stunned. There’s just no other word for it. People like big things nearly as much as we like comparing big things. Whether it’s measuring largest cup size, or the tallest mountain, our insatiable desire for records never ends. Even going down into the Earth we will find a record if one exists. And there are records below the surface. Plenty of them actually. But this record brings the subterranean to the surface in a big way. ... Read more

Largest Desert in the World is Not the Sahara

When looking at world maps it is often easy to notice the Sahara and think that it is the largest desert in the world. It is after all extremely large and arid. But what if you found out that the Sahara isn’t the largest desert in the world? To be even more precise, it’s not even the second largest desert in the world. I bet you’d be surprised and probably in denial. But it’s true, and we will try to explain. Growing up in school my geography teacher always told us that the Sahara was the biggest. He told us it was so ... Read more

How Much Do Clouds Weigh?

How much do clouds weigh? Simple enough question with a simple enough answer, right? It should be practically nothing, after all they are floating high up in the sky. But the answer is not as simple as many would believe, and they weigh a lot, a real lot. Clouds weigh so much in fact that it would take a hell of a lot of freight trains to equal the weight. All clouds contain water vapor. The most common type of cloud is the cumulus cloud. They are the ones that appear to be cotton like or puffy. These clouds rarely produce any ... Read more

Plants Don’t Convert Co2 into Oxygen

No, we didn’t make a mistake with the title of this fact. Plants don’t convert CO2 to oxygen at all. No, I didn’t flunk school, and I didn’t make a beg typo. The statement is true and correct, even though it’s what we are taught in schools. Even searching on Google will bring up a snippet stating that oxygen is made from CO2, which is incorrect. I bet you are now wondering exactly where oxygen comes from? It comes from water, that’s right, good old fashioned H2O, not the exhaled carbon dioxide. Shall we explain? While most people will have ... Read more

Viagra Keeps Flowers from Wilting and Makes Them Stand Up Straight

Well, I bet you didn’t see this use of Viagra coming your way. Did you know that Viagra keeps flowers from wilting and makes them stand up straight? This has to be one of the true romance drugs, or maybe it just has a propensity to harden things up. We’ll get to how Viagra keeps flowers from wilting in a moment. In the meantime you can continue reading, or use the time beforehand to regain your composure. Since its introduction in 1998, Viagra has become one of the most recognizable drugs on the world market. For those of you that don’t ... Read more

The Smell After It’s Rained is a Mix of Plant Oils and Bacteria

Have you ever noticed a pleasant, clean smell after a rain storm? Especially if it’s a rain storm following a long period of dry weather? Some people notice it immediately, even detecting the scent before they have noticed water falling from the sky. Some people find it hard to detect, but it’s there. It leaves a pleasant, clean and earthly smell. Many say it smells good. However, did you know that the smell isn’t exactly caused by something clean. To be more precise, the smell after rain originates from bacteria, ozone and oil, amongst other things. When it has rained it is often the case to notice a strong, but ... Read more

The Shape of Freely Falling Raindrops is Not Tear Shaped

Did you know that the shape of freely falling raindrops is not like a tear drop? You wont guess what it is shaped like either. Think of the image of a raindrop and the shape you picture will most likely be that of a tear shaped drop. We come about shaping this image from our life experiences. We see drops from taps as tear shaped, and every night on the television the news stations will deliver the prediction of rain with a tear dropped shape. But what if we told you that everything we think about raindrop shapes is wrong? The simple reason ... Read more