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The Testicle That Hangs Lowest Depends on Which Hand You Use

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testicle hangs lower than other

To steal a line from Monty Pythons, “and now for something completely different.” Did you know that the testicle that hangs lowest depends of which hand a person uses? Seriously! If you don’t believe me test it out yourself and be amazed. But, and I must stress this point, as with everything, there are alway some exceptions to the rules. So let’s take a deeper look at this fascinating tsticle fact.

So facts about male sexual organs aren’t exactly a new thing on this site, as you can see with this post. And to be honest, we’ve touched this subject once before here, which itself was pretty interesting. We even discovered that the lowest hanging one is often the smallest one. But how do we know all of this, and what could possibly prompt someone to want to look at this colleration?

Between 1938 and 1963 the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction took intrinsicate measurements and other notes about the male bits and pieces. In all, 6,544 males had their block and tackle particulars recorded for the sake of science. And the results were fascinating.

Part of the study was focused on handedness, as in the dominant hand, and the particular leanings of the penis and testicles. One of the most interesting discoveries was that they found that men who were right handed normally had a lower hanging left testicle. Men that were left handed had a lower hanging right testicle. But, and this is really weird, men who were left handed were more likely to have balls that hung at the same level, being symmetrical so to speak.

Apart from looking at just the Christmas decorations, the investigators also paid particular attention o the penis as well, and it also gave some incredible insights. In particular, which way it normally leans when flaccid and erect.

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