The Testicle That Hangs Lowest Depends on Which Hand You Use

testicle hangs lower than other

To steal a line from Monty Pythons, “and now for something completely different.” Did you know that the testicle that hangs lowest depends of which hand a person uses? Seriously! If you don’t believe me test it out yourself and be amazed. But, and I must stress this point, as with everything, there are alway some exceptions to the rules. So let’s take a deeper look at this fascinating tsticle fact.

So facts about male sexual organs aren’t exactly a new thing on this site, as you can see with this post. And to be honest, we’ve touched this subject once before here, which itself was pretty interesting. We even discovered that the lowest hanging one is often the smallest one. But how do we know all of this, and what could possibly prompt someone to want to look at this colleration?

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