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The Testicle That Hangs Lowest Depends on Which Hand You Use

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Unlike the balls, the study found that most men had a penis with its own mind, which would come as no surprise to most people. There was no real preference for which way a flaccid, or soft penis hung depending on which hand you used. But they did find that most men have a willy that hangs to the left, and right-handers were slightly more likely to have a penis that hangs to the left than left handers. At the same time, left-handers were slightly more likely to have ane that looked directly down. These results were practically repeated when a man had a hardon.

In 1994 a stude showed that men with a larger right testicle had more cognitive skills than those with a larger left testicle. While this probably means nothing, it could point to some intriguing insights into prenatal hormone development.


Testicle Hangs Lower Than Other Hand

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