There’s a Type of Fungus That Can Give Women an Orgasm when Smelled

Mushroom Orgasm Smelled Female

Forget buying your girl beautifully scented roses on your next date. There’s an odd-looking mushroom, ugly in just about all respects, that will make her night far more memorable. And no, we’re not talking about magic mushrooms here, although what they do is really magical. We are talking about a special type of fungus that can give female humans an orgasm just by smelling it.

For a while when I first heard of this I was wondering if the fungus was sort of only embedded in stacks of one hundred dollar bills. I mean, that would certainly explain Hugh Hefner and his harem of beautiful women. But to my surprise it has nothing to do with money. So the obvious next thought I had was about power, and judging by how many women find politicians repulsive on television, radio and in person, this idea was also ruled out. So what exactly is this female orgasm inducing fungus?

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