Blood Can Be Used As An Egg Substitute And Can Even Make A Meringue

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blood egg substitute

Now there’s even more reason to beware of vampires. It seems as though there are more uses of blood than  just providing oxygen to vital organs throughout the body. Blood can also be used as an egg substitute in just about every recipe, but it has at least one drawback. The taste.

The fact that blood can be substituted for egg may come as a surprise to most people. The anticoagulant properties of blood make it an especially useful alternative to eggs in cooking. The reason it is so useful is because both items have a similar protein composition. Want to know the comparable ratio of blood to egg?  65g of blood for one egg (approx. 58g), or 43g of blood for one egg white. This can be used to make such deserts as ice-cream, meringues, sourdough bread, pancakes and cakes, all with a blood after taste. But the question remains, why would anyone want to use blood in cooking?

The most simple answer is allergies. Egg allergies are a common ailment to many people around the world. This allergy to eggs means that a lot of people have to forego what would otherwise be a delicious meal. Allergies to blood on the other hand are extremely rare. Being able to consume products made with blood provides the consumer with an additional source of protein for their diet.

If you are feeling squeemish at the thought of consuming blood, you are not alone. Most people would be put off at the thought. However, blood consumption used to play a huge part in the recipe books in years gone by. It was often consumed in pagan religious ceremonies, and even as part of a general meal. If you’re still not a convert, next time you cook a tasty steak, consider how thorough it is cooked. A rare cooked meat will be full of blood, just as a blood meringue would be.

You can check the source for a list of some blood egg substitute recipes.


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