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Unreal. adjective

~ When you see something so amazing that is unbelievable


~ A thing that is known or proved to be true

Dig yourself into some of the most amazing and incredible facts known to mankind. You’ll be totally mesmerized by the out of this world facts that we have assembled.

With Unreal Facts you’ff discovernew and amazing things that will completely blow your mind! 

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Volcano Birth in 1943 of Paricutin

Geology rarely offers observers and experts in the field the opportunity to see… Read more

aladdin chineseAladdin Was Chinese in the Original Story

Well I’ll be, Aladdin was Chinese, not Arabian at all. It seems as though Disney have… Read more

You Can Legally Marry a Dead Person in France

Would you marry a dead person? It’s kind of a strange question to ask, I know, but… Read more

Mario from Super Mario Bros is a Mass Murderer

Did you know that Mario from Super Mario Bros is a mass murderer? It’s true… Read more

Trial by Combat May Still Be Legal in America

his is fantastic news for those with athletic ability or skill with weapons. It appears as though, through a unique… Read more

Air Conditioning Makes You Fat

Are you aware that air conditioning makes you fat? I’m not kidding, and this… Read more

Interesting facts

Abraham Lincoln Nearly Had a Duel

Abraham Lincoln almost had a duel with James Shields, an attorney in Illinois. What was it that… Read more

It is Illegal to Kill a Sasquatch

OK, so this sounds really weird, but once you get down into it, it actually… Read more

bill murray deaf assistantBill Murray Hired a Deaf Assistant During Groundhog Day

You have to hand it to Bill Murray, he sure has a great sense of humor. He has starred… Read more

Steve Jobs Soaked His Feet in a Toilet

Why? I mean…. How??? Who could???? Why??? Why oh why oh why? I can’t get… Read more

Napoleon Was Attacked by Rabbits, and Lost

Napoleon Bonaparte was attacked by a pack of rabbits. No, don’t laugh, it actually… Read more

You Can Get a Nutmeg High

Wanna be stoners, we have some unbelievable news. It’s possible to get a nutmeg… Read more

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