Our Mission

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Our mission here at Unreal Facts is to provide you, the reader with the resources and answers to everything you have ever wanted to know. We will endeavor to provide you with an ever growing list of amazing facts from around the world and beyond.

We know that the average user spends only a few minutes on each site. They search for what they want and once found it move on. Even he giants of the internet like Facebook and Twitter have only limited amounts of time spent on their sites. That’s why we try to give you what you want without having to read paragraphs and paragraphs to find the answer. Our facts may be short, but they are precise and to the point, which is what most people want. Saying that we will give as much information about the fact as possible without taking up too much of your time.

So why use us when there are so many other facts based sites around the web and the likes of Wikipedia as well? Here at Unreal facts we don’t believe the reader should spend their precious time searching for something that could be hidden within a large article. We give it straight to you and in a fun way too. We aim to be the largest and most widely used facts site on the net with daily updated facts for the reader. With your help we can achieve that goal. There are literally millions of facts hidden within the world that we hope we will bring to you.

If you know of a fact that we may not yet have published please drop us a line so we can achieve our goal of becoming the number one facts site on the internet. With your help our goal can be achieved. If you would like to write the article for us we would appreciate that and credit you with it at the end of the article. At this time the site is in it’s infancy  and we are unable to pay for such services.

We have included games and jokes within our site so those who have found the answer to their question can sit back and enjoy themselves some more. Life is meant to be fun, not stressful and serious. It is all about making the users experience at Unreal Facts an enjoyable one that they will remember. A happy user is the kind of user that will return.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Unreal Facts.