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The Pitbull Nanny Dog Myth

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In 1987 when there was a move to outlaw the dog in several cities in Canada, the Toronto Star ran a story in which a woman used the phrase for the first time. Again, there was no reliable reference for the claim. And 4 years later Lilian Rant once again decided to bring up the claim in a book citing her own words once more.

Today the claim continues to be circulated online, and it’s especially potent with the help of social media. On social networks the myth is often accompanied with an image of a pitbull, presumably the family pet, with a small child. Although the pitbull nanny dog myth is exactly that, a myth, it has not stopped those who support the dog breed from bringing it up and circulating it. Thankfully though, as pointed out in our source, one advocate for the breed no longer supports the false claim due to safety concerns.



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