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The Top Crayola Crayon Maker Was Color Blind

creator of crayola color blind

Well here’s a mismatched job if ever there was one. The top mold maker of crayons at Crayola was color blind. We kid you not. This was certainly the case, and for many many years. So what was the deal with the top crayon maker at Crayola being color blind, and how did he get away with it for so long?

Firstly we will clear one misconception up. It’s often quoted that the creator of Crayola was color blind, but this was not the case, it was the head mold maker at Crayola. Even though the creator of crayola wasn’t color blind, a person who held a high position in the manufacture of the crayons certainly was. Now we have cleared that up, let’s get on with it again shall we?

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