The Top Crayola Crayon Maker Was Color Blind

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creator of crayola color blind

Well here’s a mismatched job if ever there was one. The top mold maker of crayons at Crayola was color blind. We kid you not. This was certainly the case, and for many many years. So what was the deal with the top crayon maker at Crayola being color blind, and how did he get away with it for so long?

Firstly we will clear one misconception up. It’s often quoted that the creator of Crayola was color blind, but this was not the case, it was the head mold maker at Crayola. Even though the creator of crayola wasn’t color blind, a person who held a high position in the manufacture of the crayons certainly was. Now we have cleared that up, let’s get on with it again shall we?

We all know about crayons and Crayola, they literally go hand in hand. Crayons are the colored wax drawing sticks that are the love of children the world over. Safe and colorful, they can provide little children with countless hours of creativity. Crayola is without a doubt the largest and most well known of crayon makers in the world. While the company is best known for its crayons, they also manufacture other artists supplies such as pencils, chalk and markers. In short the company is an artists mecca, with bountiful supplies of colors. But the reputation of the company possibly could have been undone ever so easily, and all because of one man. The head crayon maker.

After spending 37 years as the top crayon maker at Crayola, and overseeing the making of more than 1.4 billion crayons, Emerson Moser retired. But during his time with the company he kept a secret that he only revealed once in retirement. He revealed that he was color blind. That’s right, 1.4 billion crayons and 37 years later, the head crayon maker at Crayola finally revealed he was color blind.

This obviously didn’t affect the production at all. The company flourished and grew with him at the helm of the manufacturing end of things. In fact, color blindness sin’t as rare as many think. About 8 percent of people are color blind. It also doesn’t mean that those who are in this category see in shades of grey. It means that certain colors wont appear to them and will blend in with surrounding colors.

Even though Emerson Moser succeeded in his job at Crayola, certain professions and positions exclude those who are color blind. A career as a pilot in the Air Force is out of the question, as to is a job as a firefighter. It isn’t all that bad though. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is color blind, and he seems to be doing OK.

to see if you are afflicted with this condition we have included a common image test. To test out your color sight in this color range see if you can see anything in the image at the top of this page.

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creator of crayola color blind



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