Reno, Nevada Is Further West Than Los Angeles, California

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how much further west is reno nevada from los angeles
Image courtesy Google maps

Did you know that Reno Nevada is further west than Los Angeles? Will it is, but how much further west is Reno Nevada from Los Angeles? Well it’s roughly in the vicinity of 86 miles (138 kilometers). But roughly? We’ll explain.

So how did we get to this magical figure that tell us how much further west Reno Nevada is from Los Angeles? Well it’s a two step process. Firstly, Reno is definitely west of LA. A simple look at a map will show this. This is due to the shape of both states and the respective positions of the two cities. Reno is about as far west as you can get in Nevada. While, even though LA is a coastal city, due to California curving towards the east the further south that you go, the city ends up being east of Reno. As we said, this is clear to see on a map. But the big question that you want answered is how much further west is Reno Nevada from Los Angeles, and how did we get our magical figure?

Please keep in mind that we are not mathematicians or cartographers. If we have made a mistake it was an honest one, but here is how we measured how far west Reno is of LA.

Now imagine looking at an apple. It round, right? If you were to slice it from top to bottom several times you would end up with pieces of apple that are thin at the ends, and thick in the middle. The coordinates or Reno are 39°31N, 119°49W, which is further north than LA at 34°03′N 118°15′W. Due to the curvature of the Earth, the slice at Reno would be slightly thinner. To get a rough distance of how far further west Reno is than Los Angeles we took a position that was roughly half way between the two cities in a north south direction. We then measured the distance between the two western coordinates to get an average distance, which ended up being about 86 miles (138 kilometers).


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