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Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

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Why Does Chocolate Go White?

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So while science has known for a while why chocolate turns white, it wasn’t until fairly recently that they knew how it happens, and it took some scientists using expensive equipment to solve this conundrum.

The scientists used X-rays to observe what was going on. Yeah X-rays. The same rays that are used to look at bones in our bodies, and cost a pretty penny for the photo opportunity. What they discovered was that the fat within the chocolate moves along tiny capillaries until it reaches the surface. So a piece of chocolate that has been stored correctly and at the right temperature should prolong the process of the fat migration.

Science also had a solution to the problem, although it’s not all that scientific. They suggested that the manufacturers should try to reduce┬áthe porosity of the chocolate, and when storing it the temperature should be cool and not cold. An ideal temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.


Chocolate Turning White in Refrigerator

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