There’s an Incredible Red Beach in Panjin, China

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red beach panjin china

You seriously have to love mother nature. From the stunning sunrises, through to the marvelous landscapes and on to the glorious sunsets, it sure knows how to put on a superb show. It’s just a grand old world to live in, and if the creatures that surround us fail to get our attention, we can always take in the beauty of the landscape. There are glorious canyons, baron yet beautiful deserts, and wonderful ski slopes. But without a doubt, when it comes to picturesque scenery, it’s the ones with water that capture our attention. And with good reason. Water means life, and it is also calming. But it’s also beautiful.But sometimes water can throw us a little bit of an oddity. There is the pink lake in Australia, and their glowing lake. While weird nature in Australia is sort of expected, no one would expect a similar thing to naturally occur in China. Yet it has, and there’s an incredible Red Beach in Panjin, China.

If you were to stumble across Red Beach, Panjin, China, you’d most probably be very reluctant to go near it. I mean, if it were me I’d think that it was caused by some industial pollution of the water, and could be toxic. Heck, I’d be affraid of coming out of the water with one eye, or maybe an extra wiener. But it’s safe to touch, except you can’t. It’s not permitted. So if pollution from the over industrialization of the country isn’t to blame, what is?

So here’s the weird thing. The sand isn’t red, and the water isn’t red. But that’s not all. The Red Beach in Panjin, China isn’t red all year round either. The beach itself sits at the Liaohe River delta, near Panjin City. The red coloring is caused by a type of seaweed that grows in the alkali soil. But as we have said, it isn’t always red.

The seaweed starts growing in April and May. During this time, and throughout the summer months, it remains green, and practically unnoticed. In the fall the seaweed turns a flaming red, and the entire beach is left covered with a fire red blanket of seaweed.

Due to its uniqueness, the government in China has declared the Red Beach in Panjin, China a nature reserve. This means that the beach itself is locked out from the public. But if you have read through this entire article and planned to add it to your bucket list only to discover that the site is off limits, don’t despair too much.  The government has allowed a small secluded section of the beach to be accessed by tourists. To protect the amazing environment, they have built an extensive boardwalk to explore and gaze upon one of the beautiful wonders of the world.


red beach china


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