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15 Fun Entertainment Facts That Are out of This World

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Entertainment. It’s one of those things that brightens out lives beyond comprehension. From sporting events through to comedy and horror films, the many different forms of entertainment provide our lives with momentary breaks from reality. But what about behind the scenes? Did you know that there are a lot of fun entertainment facts out there that many people simply don’t know about? It’s true. So as part of out effort to enlighten you with tidbits of information, here is our list of 15 fun entertainment facts.

1 Happy Days Was Originally Called New Family In Town

happy days original name

Happy Days extremely popular sitcom from the 1970’s through to the 1980’s. It ran from 1974 through until 1984 and was based on 1950’s America. In the sitcom we were introduced to the Fonz, played by Henry Winkler, and Richie Cunningham, who was played by the now acclaimed director Ron Howard. Would you believe that the pilot actually aired in 1971 and under a completely different name?

The original version of the hit TV series was called New Family In Town. It actually had many of the same characters played by the same actors, although the Fonz was not yet a part of the cast. It was put on the back burner until 1973 when American Graffiti, which starred Ron Howard, became a success. It premièred in 1974 under the now memorable name of Happy Days, and it didn’t take long for it to become a cult favorite.


2 Happy Days Had Many Popular Spin-offs

Happy Days Had Many Popular Spin-offs

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