You Can Get Freckles on Your Eyes

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Many people get freckles. Most of the time they are harmless, but it is usually a good idea to keep an eye on them in case they turn into a tumor. Not many people would have heard of eye freckles though.

What are eye freckles?

eye freckles

Eye freckles are caused by a change in the pigment in the eye in a spot, very similar to how normal freckles occur. Eye freckles are similar to freckles on the skin and are rarely noticed by the anyone. In fact, you would only really know that you have an eye freckle if your ophthalmologist pointed it out during an eye exam. Most of the time eye freckles are harmless, but just as with freckles and moles that you can get on your skin, they can turn cancerous.

The choroid is a membrane in your eye that is full of colored cells. This is what gives your eye its color. Sometimes these cells will get together and form a cluster. These clusters become the eye freckles. The freckles even have a name. They are called choroidal nevi, and can even, in unlucky cases, cause distorted vision in some people.

The good news is that if your vision is not affected by the freckles, and they don’t form into a tumor, no treatment is necessary. Plus remember, if you have an eye freckle it doesn’t mean it will turn into a tumor, you just need to keep an eye on it.





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