Cycling Can Cause Impotence, Myth or Not

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cycling can cause impotenceOne of the most enjoyable pleasures I had as a young child growing up was going for a bike ride. It gave me a brief moment of freedom, and allowed me to feel the wind on my face as I peddled along. Now as an adult, I prefer to use a car, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like riding a bike. It’s just that I rarely, if ever, get a chance to go for a bike ride. If you live in the city, or large towns, you have probable seen many people use this form of transportation. Cycling has been promoted as the green and healthy alternative to transportation by means of carbon producing methods, such as cars, buses and trains. It certainly is greener, there’s no doubt in that, but is it healthier? Sure it will improve your cardiovascular system and help you lose weight, but it isn’t healthy for your sex life. Why? Cycling can cause impotence.

How can cycling cause impotence?

While it should improve things for you in the bedroom by making you much healthier overall, cycling poses a significant risk to the ability of getting it up. In a long term study it was discovered that for men who spent less than three hours a day on a bicycle cycling posed no risk of impotence. However, for men who cycled for more than three hours daily there was an increased risk of the activity causing impotence. The reason all has to do with the instantly recognisable shape of the bike seat. The long point at the front of the seat, when used for long periods of time, is the real culprit.

When there is sustained pressure on the perineum, that’s the area between the wiener and rectum, the blood vessels and nerves can become damaged. If these nerves and vessels are damaged it can prevent an erection. Often the period of impotence is only temporary, but prolonged trauma to the area can lead to permanent impotence.

The best way to avoid impotence from cycling is to get a saddle that does not cause any damage to this delicate region. Also, spending less time on a bike will help prevent bedroom worries.

I will point out that this particular fact that cycling causes impotence has gained its fair share of attention. Some people say that the results are inconclusive, and others say that they are wrong. However, the study seemed to confirm that it was the extended cycling, such as long periods equaling several hours every day that causes impotence, not leisurely use that most of us enjoy from time to time. So don’t throw your bike away. The joy and health benefits far outweigh the small potential rick of impotence.



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