The Most Sexual Climaxes Ever In An Hour Is 134 For A Woman, What About Men?

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most climaxes ever in an hour

Who doesn’t like a sexual climax? Not many people at all, if any. They are among the best and most desirable experiences that anyone can experience. They’re so good in fact, that many people even fake them to try and impress their partner. But fake climaxes aside, how many climaxes can a person possibly have? To best answer this question it’s best to look at the most sexual Climaxes ever recorded in an hour. Looking at these kind of figures will best deliver a meaningful result, along with leaving the vast majority of us writhing with envy.

Doctors at the Center for Marital and Sexual Studies in California conducted a rather perverted study into how many times a person, male and female, can have a euphoric episode in a one hour period. These are the results.

Firstly, lets look at men

Men are renowned for their, well lets just put it this way, one time stand up performance. They will be present and willingly participate in the pre-show event, and have a rip roaring good time during the main event, in which they may or may not finish before everyone has had their main course, if you know what I mean. After the fireworks have been let off, most men turn over and go right off to sleep. One event, one shot, and an encore performance, while possible, is a rare event, much to the distaste of women. But one dude decided to be a bit of a showoff, and put all men around the world to shame.

The guy that they got for the study just happened to be a stud with the endurance of a long distance thoroughbred. Not happy with just one climax, he followed up again, and again, and again. Sixteen times in total within a one hour period. Damn showoff.

Lets take a look at women

As the old joke goes. When God was handing out the ability to urinate while standing, man quickly interrupted and said that he had to have it. God looked at woman and said that the only thing he had left was multiple climaxes. Yeah, that taught man a lesson, right? At least until Superman above turned up. But the joke does point to something that most of us already know. Women can have more sexual climaxes than men. But just how many more, when looking at a one hour window of time?

Hold onto your hats. One woman that the doctors got, and I suppose you can say observed, had 134 climaxes in a one hour period. Hold the jiggly bits up. Did we really just say 134 climaxes in one hour? Yep, we sure did, and so did she. She had more than two climaxds a minute. I guess she would have had very clear sinuses.

While the man certainly set a record for the most sexual climaxes in an hour for the masculine sex, the woman blew him out of the water. One could probably also argue that she had infinitely more fun too. But the study did not reveal the state of both participants private parts.



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