Did Coca-cola Only Sell 25 Bottles in Their First Year

The creator, John Pemberton, sold the now world-famous drink for a mere 5 cents a glass. That’s not a lot, and at the supposed rate would have amounted to only $1.25. Only the most stubborn of businessmen would persevere with such dismal sales.

OK, so we’re going to say it. Coca-Cola sold more than 25 bottles in their first year, but it wouldn’t be something that he’d have written home about. To tell you the truth, Pemberton must have been incredibly stubborn.

It’s generally universally accepted that Pemberton sold an average of 9 glasses a day for the first year. This figure to convert to about 25 gallons of syrup, which is where this factoid may be mixing fact with fiction, or just getting confused, as in a game of telephone. So if we assume a glass holds the same volume as a bottle then Pemberton sold 25 bottles of Coca-Cola every two days, or 131.4 times more than the factoid claims.

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