Who Framed Roger Rabbit NES Game Has A Phone Number That Redirects To A Sex Chat Line

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who framed roger rabbit nes phone number

It always pays to throw caution to the wind, something that the creators of a game released in 1988 should have done. Why? A NES game of Who Framed Roger Rabbit contained a phone number. That’s harmless enough, right? And it was, at least it was 25 years ago that is. Fast forward 25 years and things are so very different. The phone number from Who Framed Roger Rabbit now redirects to a sex chat line. Hardly suitable for children.

In a time before groundbreaking games such as Mortal Kombat, many games were simple, entertaining, and focused mainly on the youth of the time. Violence in games was fairly constrained, with only a few games venturing into that territory. Sex in games on the other hand was a no go zone for nearly all designers. Who Framed Roger Rabbit for the NES was no different. It was an action-adventure game that did something that no other form of entertainment usually risks doing. It published a phone number that really would connect.

The phone number in the NES game, Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a toll free number, 1-800-232-3324. Yeah, we revealed it for anyone who wants to test it out. Back in 1988, if a player called the number it had a recording of Jessica Rabbit, and she would give hints and tips for the game. Now that’s pretty cool, right? But unlike software that can exist for generations, phone numbers can change hands. Tats the big oopsy that happened here. The number, like the game still exists, but it gives rather sexual tips instead.

When you call the number you are asked if you would like to talk to “exciting locals.” If you call the number they give you it will connect you to a sex chat line. I wonder if that means Who Framed Roger Rabbit NES game should be rated “R” due to its sexual content?




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