A Giant Pink Rabbit is Stalking David Bowie

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david bowie pink rabbit

David Bowie believes he is being stalked by a giant pink rabbit. OK, now that’s a conversation starter if ever I have heard one. Could you imagine trying to make a police report? “Ah, officer… I’m being stalked by a giant pink rabbit.” “Sure you are…. We have a very nice padded cell for you. You may find it very comfortable. Now, where did I put that tranquilizer gun?” But if that sounds weird, guess what? It’s not a fictional one either, it’s real. David Bowie believes a real giant pink rabbit is stalking him. It’s not an hallucination, or a figment of his imagination. He honestly believes it to be real. So why does David Bowie think he is being stalked by a giant pink rabbit?

It all started many years ago during some concerts. David Bowie noticed a fan at several of his concerts dressed as the pink rabbit. So OK. Fans at big music events do do some pretty weird things, no argument here. I’ll also admit that someone dressed in a costume would stick out like a sore thumb. Very easy to notice. But things went from an excited, obviously unique fan, to a little disturbing. He became alarmed when he got on a plane and the fan was on board still dressed in the rabbit costume. Time for a big Oh kay. Someone has missed their meds this morning.

But to his credit he took it in his stride. David Bowie may have a deranged giant pink rabbit stalking him, or maybe not, but he hasn’t let it worry him. Initially he wasn’t too concerned with the oddly dressed fan, even dedicating a song while on tour to him or her. The reason he wasn’t too worried? In his own words, “Hey. It’s rock and roll.”


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